Where the wolves fuck or something

I am in Jajce, Bosnia, supposedly something like the birthplace of Bosnia and somewhere around here is a place “where the wolves fuck” or something like that, I am not really sure but I thought I could update you on the past few days…

I took a car-sharing from Freiburg direction Trier with 3 Germans but we didnt make it to Trier because the car broke down in Saarbruecken.  Lucky for me it was only a 10 minute walk from the train station so I hoofed it, caught a bus ten minutes later heading to Luxembourg, really lucky with the timing as well.

I was picked up in Luxembourg by Kat and her boyfriend Georges.  They drove me to the volunteer house where Kat lived and the place was full of cute chicks.  Of course we had only the most platonic of experiences together though I will admit I was a bit smitten with a Finnish girl I met though who knows if our paths will cross again.  We all barbecued and partied it up, hearing conversations in German, Spanish, English, French, Luxembourgish, a really cool mix of people.

The next morning I lounged around a bit and then Kat and I headed into the city so I could check it out a bit before heading to the music festival.  It was a  nice city and I really enjoyed Grund, down below the city.  I ended up missing my bus to Tutange where the music festival was but while waiting I met two Luxembourger girls, Kim and Sarah who were cool and ended up making my evening 10 times better because without them I would have to had to hang out by myself most of the evening.  We had some beers while watching Elephant Ghost, a new band led by a former student of mine.  It was rock with a good beat and I really enjoyed.  I also saw another good band called De Tiquettes who played some old school 60s Brit rock and did it well.  The singer-former student happened to be friends with Miss Luxembourg 2009 and so that wasnt unenjoyable hanging with them having drinks for a few hours.

I took the last bus into town, had to wait a half hour for another bus getting me back to the house but then fell deep asleep until it was time to wake to head to the airport. It was a 100 minute bus to Frankfurt-Hahn airport, then flew to Osijek, Croatia with my hand luggage even though the RyanAir people were a little gestapo-ish about people”s hand luggage… Anyway…

I arrived in Osijek, got the bus to the bus station easily and then had to wait an hour for the bus to Slavonski Brod. I was met there by Marina, a couchsurfer and she drove me to my pension.  We hung out wtih 4-5 people for a little while to celebrate my pre-birthday but it was a sunday and people had work and so she and her friend waited until 12 to wish me happy birthday and then left.

A shower and a shave got me in the right mood in the morning to start my birthday. I made a the long walk across the bridge and then I was in Bosnia were I had to wait about 2 hours for a bus from Brosinski Brod to Banja Luka.

I met Vedrana there and she showed me to where I would be sleeping, what is soon-to-be a small hostel, Banja Luka”s first.  We cleaned up and then went back into the city to meet some more couchsurfers for my birthday party.  I ate some cevapi, like sausages stuck together in a bun with onions and hot pepper (hmmm, sounds good again) and hung out at Mr. X for drinks and good conversation.  I went with one of the couchsurfers around midnight after everyone else left and we stayed there until it closed.

I was a bit slow in the morning (yesterday) and wandered around so I could find my friend Anesa”s old childhood house.  It took a bit of effort but I had nothing else to do so it was fun.  Unfortunately, there wasnt very much to photograph in the town but I wandered around some hours, wrote like 10 crappy postcards (the quality of the cards, not the content, haha) and people watched.  Had a drink down on a boat on the river which was nice and then met Vedrana and her sister and boyfriend and her other friend Isidora for some drinks in a treehouse-like cafe on the river that was great.

We walked home and I spent the rest of the evening not doing much.

Today I went to the bus station via foot, had to wait two hours for my bus so had some mediocre soup and waited and waited.  The bus came and the bus ride itself was awesome, suddenly in a very steep canyon with beautiful turquoise river, really impressive views as I tried to wang (photograph with my digital camera) from both sides as the bus wound its way around the curves a bit precipituously.

I arrived in Jajce, found a room for 15 US dollars for the night that is the size of a large matchbox but with a small tv and a view of the main mosque in town.

I wandered around the past couple of hours in the heat, clambored over the steps to take some black and white photos of the fortress and dilapidation of the town.  I might have taken 2 good shots today out of 50…lets stay positive.

Tonight? Drink a couple of beers and read, maybe try to find someone who speaks English or German or Spanish and then tomorrow Sarajevo!


One Response to Where the wolves fuck or something

  1. mom says:

    Hi sweetie,
    Enjoyed your update!! You experience more just by being somewhere than most do going to the expensive, activity laden places!!! You truly are amazing!! Not sure what dad and I did to influence you into this terrific person but whatever it was–YIPPEE!!!! Look forward to your next update!! Love you tons! xoxo,:-)mom

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