Progress on the Renewable Energy front

November 28, 2009

the internet has been cutting out staendig all morning and it’s been totally annoying.  Good thing I’ve been gone the past 4 hours. 🙂

I got picked up at. 10.10am at the Schlecker on Talstrasse across by the Treff.  There was Dr. Josef Pesch, I guess one of the professors of the ReNewMan (it’s a new word i’ve invented for the abbreviated version of renewable energy management but i think it’s got a nice ring to it) who has a company called fesa that does sustainable energy projects.  mid-40s, had just come back from giving a presentation and knowledge about solar projects to the Canadian province of Ontario, and on Tuesday is flying to Cincinnati to give another presentation!!! This guy said he wouldn’t be able to meet until dec 18, when i will be, and then wrote well, you can come on this interview thing i have to do.

So it’s him, his teenage son and 3 Japanese people: a cameraman, a director/producer and an interpreter that has lived in Freiburg for 30 years.  She also teaches a japanese cooking class at the volkshochschule.

We drive past Waldsee past the Moeslestadion to the B31 and a view from a slight distance on a bridge going over the train tracks.  I tried to take a couple of pictures and then Josef, his son and me were instructed to walk along the bridge while Josef tells us stuff about solar energy and when the project was constructed (it’s a fascinating story, 80 investors from the 79117 postal code where the solar Anlage is and of course bank capital).  We did the walk again because the japanese producer dude wanted another shot and then we stood on the bridge and Josef told us more.  Then we were all interviewed very briefly and then we went over to the electrical center that collects the energy the solar panels create/save/capture.  They took some video and then we all went back to his office.  He asked me to come back there with all of them even though …I don’t know, so I just said ok.  And then the Japanese people interviewed him at his desk for about 45 minutes, with the japanese translation of his long sometimes complex answers right after what he said.  Occasionally the director (weird checkered pants, dark sweater, sparse facial hair, bushy hair and with a slight lisp or speech impediment).  Neither of the 2 Japanese tv dudes could speak English.  I mostly spoke German with the Japanese lady.

On the drive to his office that led to this long interview the son and I more or less patiently watched happen, Josef told me about a project he is working on in Bahlingen (not the one near Freiburg sondern in Wuertemberg 2 hours away.  He said I could help him with the project (!!!) and said that at the beginning i couldn’t get paid but maybe later.  We didn’t make any specifics, I told him I could do a day a week or so and we made plans to meet the first week of the year and figure out a plan for me to do some kind of internship there!!!  Considering he is I’m pretty sure one of the professors involved in the Renewable Energy Management program that could potentially help me a LOT.

ps on the off chance that gave me this hook-up now reads the blog, thanks a lot dude.  I owe you a beer fo sho.

pss got the newest black crowes’ show from san diego from Sunday blasting in the headphones

psss bought some deer meat for dinner tonight!


Until Thursday today

November 24, 2009

So I’ve got two chapters left to type in The Newropean, Thursday and Friday.  I have enjoyed it more or less but know there are a few things that will have to be added, cleaned, deleted, changed to make the story fresher and more poignant.

I had a phonecall today with a company about 30 minutes away from here that manufactures part for solar panels. I’ve scheduled an interview with the company here if you want to check it out.

Not one student came to my 8am class which didn’t really upset me because it allowed me to make photocopies for the university on Thursday and also have a coffee and enjoy the city slowly coming to life.

I’m headed to the gym (again) in a little more than an hour, then a private lesson and then an early night in bed because tomorrow I have an 8am-8pm day (with some breaks in there for sure, but I probably won’t go home between) which always kicks my ass! 🙂

How are you?

French and Forward

November 23, 2009

Two stories this time, one French and one Forward.

“French” — A French couchsurfer named Mathieu spent the weekend with us and boy did he ever!  Let’s just say that it all culminated in dancing to Britney Spears at the Pink Party (wink, wink) at 3 am.  That had been preceded by live reggae music and dancing and beers, that preceded by homemade French Ratatouille with enough olive oil in it to drown an ant hill.  Friday night when he got here, we went to Walfisch and actually had the owner buy us a beer.  I couldn’t believe it, I’d been going there almost 7 years, mofo ain’t never buy me a beer before, but thanks!

“Forward” — I didn’t have to work today in the traditional sense, which is good because the weather was crappy and i got to spend the morning having coffee and getting my day in perspective and by 10.45am Mathieu and I were walking to the spot on the bridge where people hitchhike from.  That dude was at the last leg of a trip that had been going on for a few weeks and started in southern France and had gone onto Stockholm and back.  From there, I went to the gym, a whopping 45 minutes of cardio (usually do 30) and some weightlifting, came home and made lunch.  Here’s where the Forward comes in.  Throughout the day I had been in various forms of contact with people here in Freiburg and in California.  A guy who writes for publications on energy developments, which led me to a guy who is managing a project of some solar panels out by the autobahn and I even called a company in California about their recent sale of solar technology to a South African consortium.  That lady is now potentially sending my resume to the right person in South Africa who will be doing hiring/human resources for their projects throughout southern Africa.

That’s a pretty good step forward, I’d say.  Oops, I already did.

New Career Plans

October 11, 2009

I’m going to spend the next 2 days trying to learn a good deal about solar energy and solar panels and  then possibly spend Thursday and/or Friday at a big new international conference called Solar Summits.  I plan to meet a lot of people and try and make some impressions.

I want to contact the company in Waldkirch who is doing a “green” room for Freiburg at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.   I want to try to weasel my way into an internship there and say that I could be in Shanghai to help man the stand and act as a native English speaker because for sure the conference will be in English and I bet these guys can probably speak reasonably good English but still…maybe I could give some English lessons there for the chance to also have an internship there.

See if there is a southern California-based company that focuses on solar energy, see if they need a representative for them in Freiburg, an internationally-renowned environmental city.

I will start the German language exam studying in November, and the exam is in May, exactly when the deadline to apply for the university.  I have to catch up on what the cutting edge of renewable energy even looks like.

But it’s 1.07am now and it’s time for me to go to bed.  I wonder what will happen tomorrow. 🙂