Two itineraries

March 12, 2010

March 28 – Apr 5

28 Zurich to Iasi, Romania

29 Iasi

30 teaching in the afternoon

31 teaching in the afternoon, photo exhibition and central american themed party

1 daytrip to Moldava

2visit a village then drive up to Suceava

3 visit the painted monasteries, attend a midnight Easter service at a monastery

4 travel back to Iasi

5 at the airport at 5am to fly back to Zurich

May 21 – June 4

21 travel to Trier

22 daytrip to Luxembourg

23 fly Frankfurt-Hahn to Osijek, Croatia

24 Banja Luka

25 Banja Luka

26 Jajce

27 Sarajevo

28 Sarajevo

29 Sarajevo

30 Mostar

31 Mostar

1 Split

2 Split

3 Zadar

4 fly home to Germany


I will Survive in the past tense

November 13, 2009

My work week is over.  It was a tough week, even if it was only 4 days long but now things are looking good for me.  I will have Mondays off until at least the new year and it will free up a day for me to get some work done, I’ll just have to decide what work I’ll do.

A shoutout to Maya in Norway whose sister just had a second child and now Maya is an aunt two times over.

This was my highest earning week of the year.

I plan to go to a concert tomorrow night.  Shaky Hands is their name and they’re from Portland, Oregon.

I inspected the photos for my new photo exhibition in 2 weeks and they look really good.  In fact, the manager asked me to order 3 more photos to cover the hallway as well!

I wrote an important scene in The Newropean that I think will push the story towards the end now.  I’m 4/5 done with the first draft.

I’ve been writing in my journal only in German since the beginning of this month. It’s going okay but I’m going to have to use some new words to get them into my vocabulary.

I’ll be in Holland in 3 weeks and I’m looking forward to it.

And you?

Some updates

October 21, 2009

For the past week my neck has not been too kind to me, it’s like I slept funny on it and it was hard to turn my neck all the way to the right and left and back. It got a bit better but I noticed it was worse today so I made an appointment.  I have been to the doctors at most 1 time a year the past years and now I have a dentist appointment on Friday and an appointment with the orthopedist on Tuesday.

I contacted a couple of energy consultant companies about getting an internship but it didn’t work out.  A friend of mine’s mom is in the forestry industry and may have connections at the Renewable Energy Management program that I want to do next Fall.  Connections are good. 🙂

I finished typing chapter 11 of The Newropean.  Franziska is the only one who has read it so far and I think she likes it, though to be fair she is in love with me and so she might be biased.

This is my first full work week in 3 months and it is kicking my ass.  There is still one loooOOoong day left too.

Oli and Fox are having a big party this weekend and I’m sure it will go on long after Franziska and I have gone to bed but that’s okay but we’ll make our appearance, have some beers, some laughs and head out when all the slutty chicks show up. hahahah

I have a new exhibition at Oma’s Kuche in a month and need to order the canvas and it’s going to be 330 euros.  That is like 500 dollars I’m going to spend to produce some art and make a nice evening out of it.  More info soon.

Hitler Mustache

September 30, 2009

I’ll be honest.  It’s been hard getting back into work.  Especially because I haven’t worked in two months, I’ve been sleeping in the living room the past few nights and I know that there are slow forces at work leading my life into a new direction.  I might be doing different work in 3 years.  I might be still doing English teaching part-time but also involved in another career.  I’m still not right on the right time and simple things seem a bit daunting but then they work out exactly as planned more or less and so I’m getting back on my feet.

I received two new photographs of mine printed onto canvas and I”m really excited about it because I’m going to do my next photo exhibitions with the photos printed like this.  I’m especially excited that the digitized negative is enough to do it.  THAT means that my next camera will be a good digital SLR.  The might be a  purchase next year but first I want to get a new laptop when I’m home at Christmas time.  3 years will have passed since I got this toshiba beaut i got her but I fear that technology has moved rather quickly the past 3 years and I could keep this laptop at home and the other could be a more mobile laptop or vice versa.

I have yet to write any material in The Newropean since early August.  I’m feeling the official end of a period of time today and tomorrow being October 1st, the beginning of the 4th quarter in America, I’m going to consider it a day to get started with some plans again.  I have gone to the gym twice and the good weather will ensure I’ll go jogging tomorrow.  With regards to the Newropean, I’ve almost got the story under control but I have to send it in a distinct direction next and I want to make sure I know how I want to portray that before and I just had an idea. I have a basic outline how i want the story to go and so maybe i can practice and write out a scene on the list, even if it’s not the next scene, just to see how the tone in a chapter or two should sound.

And then I have a class with retired people and I have to try and explain to them why people in America would protest with signs of Obama with a Hitler mustache because he has a healthcare plan to help working Americans.

What I love about living in Europe, pt. 3542

July 17, 2009

Franziska and I are meeting some friends at 6pm, a loose mix of folks, most of whom know someone else there but not everyone knowing everyone.  We are getting some half-price cocktails at Maria Cafe and then going to see some Iranian music at 7.30pm in a nice old building.  That will last less than an hour and then we are going to another different old building for some Franz Joseph Haydn at 9pm.  He’s up there with Mozart and Beethoven apparently.  After that, if we’re able to get the tickets will be some Renaissance and Middle Ages music at 10.30pm.

This is called Fest der Innenhoefe which means “Festival of Courtyards”.  Last year Dr. D and I saw the last few minutes of one concert in a small church in one of my favorite squares in Freiburg, a tiny little thing with a pricey italian place subdued on one side, a large, dark tree overhanging almost the whole thing and two groups of two benches on the other 2 of the 4 sides.  Beautiful acoustics in a centuries-old church, that much I can assure you.

Last weekend we took the train 20 minutes north to Waldkirch, a town of about 20,000 with the ruins of an 800-year old castle overlooking the charming little town, the luxuriousness of the Black Forest lazing all around the horizon.  It turned out there was a Middle Ages Festival in the town that day and we went in (it cost 5 euros) and about 50 percent of the people were dressed up in the middle ages, complete with music and horns and the most awesome tug-o-war of all time: 4 groups of 4 kids pulling at 90 degree angles of each other trying to pull some wooden thing off a table in the middle.  Good stuff.

Here comes the band!

Here comes the band!

I had some honey beer which actually wasn’t very good but still, it was part of the moment.

We’re planning on going to one of the best circus in Europe in the next few days and I’m sure a beer garden or two will sneak in there….

Exhibition and aftermath

June 22, 2009
Before the exhibition

Before the exhibition

Alex at the piano, a chill vibe but a great time

Alex at the piano, a chill vibe but a great time

Che say geiz ain't geil, buy buy!

Che say geiz ain't geil, buy buy!

First one in almost 2 years

June 20, 2009

I have a photo exhibition tonight, my first in nearly 2 years.  It all started in may 2005 and since then I have had about 15 exhibitions in Germany, Holland, Peru, Argentina, California and Montenegro.  There will also be a buddy of mine playing piano and singing and I am looking forward to having a good time tonight.

I’ll try and update ya more and upload some photos tomorrow or Monday.