Oscar Wilde forgot a 3rd great tragedy

August 19, 2008

His famous quote: There are 2 great tragedies in life, not getting what you want, and getting what you want. He may have forgotten a 3rd one that I experienced this morning in the most likely overrated town of Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras: Paying for what you want and not getting it.

Had a rough night of sleep, the little lady hasn’t been feeling too well, don’t think it’s eboli but we’re gonna wait it out. Point is, we desperately needed a hot shower this morning (me much more than her) and when I went to turn it on…it didn’t work. I asked the unhelpful guy working about it, he turned a switch and it didn’t work. I told him that since the hot water didn’t work, we were gonna need some of our money back, seeing as that we paid for the more expensive room because of the hot water. His feeble retort was that we had used the television and fan, two other perks for pay 33% more for a room. I told him that that was all well and good and we could negotiate a different price than what I was asking but we were now asking ourselves why we had paid more for something we weren’t getting. He said he didn’t have any money. And that, more or less, even without an apology, was it. I told him again as we were leaving that I know it wasn’t his fault but maybe next time they might want to have some money to have on hand because now, when I’m back from this trip, I’ll go back to the same travel sites that I went to to get information and let them know not to stay there. It’s unfortunate but that’s how the world works.

Anyway, we’re back in a place more to our liking, though I’m not a big fan of our hotel. We’ve planned to stay one night and then change to the much hipper and only 50% more expensive place. We had lunch there today and it was pretty damn good. Fresh food seems to taste better than I remember.

Tomorrow, we’re going to visit Copan Ruins, one of the main reasons I planned a trip to Central America. We’re gonna go early so as to avoid the heavy rains we’re experiencing right now.

ciao and my next communique will be from Guatemala!