William Kristol

October 6, 2008

It took me awhile to realize that Billy Crystal and William Kristol where not the same person. Well, not THAT long but long enough…One is an actor and the other is a hack. And the latter doesn’t act so I’ll let you figure out which is which…


Sarah Palin, who has been as protected from the real world as a Jewish mother’s only son has spoken. Sort of. She has been the Republican Vice Presidential nominee for all of nearly 6 weeks and has given 3 interviews (Gibson, Couric, Hannity) and had one debate. It was a train wreck from the beginning but after her first couple of interviews, when it became clear that this woman was STUDYING to become vice president of the United States, her handlers (as if she’s a defector from the Soviet Union) thought it better for her not to do any interviews with, ya know, journalists. We can’t have her out there being insulted by people without deference for her, they said. DEFERENCE. This press corps has allowed the Constitution to be shredded under their very noses and Palin’s handlers want they more deferential. It’s like a rookie on the baseball team expecting respect instead of going out and earning it.

Well, lo and behold, she takes a phone call from Republican hack William Kristol. The guy wouldn’t be so bad if he weren’t so bad. I mean, he has some ideas, but regardless they are completely seen through kool-aid infested Republican glasses. I have no problem with Republicans in general. Hell, my parents are Republicans and they are two of the finest people ever to grace this earth but this guy cannot see things as they are. I know how difficult this is. I also care a lot about this election. But for him to have the chance to have the elusive dodo bird, er, Sarah Palin on the phone, he can come up with nothing except for: wow, what about those Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers guys? Do you think it shows bad judgement by Obama? What is this, Pravda magazine?

Is this really where the McCain campaign wants the last 4 weeks of this election to go? Guilt by association? Because both of the people on the Republican ticket are just as guilty of this if not more than that muslim-sounding dude. McCain would have to become reminded of Charles Keating and G.Gordon Liddy, two pretty infamous people from the last quarter century of America history. And what about Palin? Her husband was in a secessionist party from Alaska? Their leader, before being killed in a plastic explosives deal gone bad, damned America and cursed the flag. Don’t you think that your husband being in a political group whose goal is for Alaska to become its own country rather troublesome when you are running for vice president? Or what about HER pastor, a guy spouting ya-ya about witch doctors?

Is this really where they want to go? And the answer is yes. This is where Karl Rove has had the biggest impact on Republican politics of the past years. Take something you yourself are engaged in and accuse the other side of doing it. It puts them on the defensive and of course no one suspects that you yourself are guilty of it. Voter fraud, anyone?

Anyway, read this article and tell me again if you think the NY Times is “liberal media”. Yes, they are against the war now but doesn’t make me liberal? Maybe I’m a fiscal conservative and I don’t think the costs are worth what we are getting for them. Hell, we could pay for probably nearly 10% of the bailout just with the war profiteering from the Iraq War…

Back to your regularly scheduled program…