Getting it together

July 3, 2009

23 days until I am on a plane to California for the summer baby!  I got a pizza in the oven, was just at the fitness studio, went by the Jos Fritz to get my photos from the exhibition and also was at L’egere cafe for a large coffee and to work on my novel.  I was working on the scene at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, Palestine.  This is not too difficult to write in a way because a lot of it more or less happened.  The tricky part is having the protagonist’s attitude come through the words rather than just mine.  Remember, the majority of the character, plot, and scenes are fiction.  They did not happen to me.  There are stories in it that are real, only because some stories are good as fiction or non-fiction.  The part of the book in Israel has a chance to be poignant for several reasons.  First, the character has been living in Germany many years and is having difficulty staying in Germany.  He is Jewish but does not practice it.  The connection that Germany and Israel have, or rather what binds them is about as intense as any other nation’s except for the United States.  The history of the Jews laid bare, as he tries to make sense of the injustice that a small-minded bureaucracy has caused against the greater story of the relative peace in the world at the beginning of the 21st century.  Iraq and Afghanistan notwithstanding (and I know but they are very much part of the world scene), the freedom of movement and of opportunity that enlightening individuals of this century are unparallelled.  True, some people throughout the ages have been able to transcend whatever caste-like categorization a society had but the real story is about all of those who could transcend but nonetheless were snuffed out, killed senselessly, imprisoned, or a host of other undignified endings to people who really could exist and take advantage of the moment, of that time.

So, coming back to my point, the protagonist’s trip to Israel is a codifying experience, in terms of suddenly being in the position of knowing how lucky he is, all things considered, of being able to put things into perspective as they’re happening.  That’s what this character is about, and that ability is what’s going to accelerate the story once he returns to Germany to deal with The Situation.  Or so that’s my plan.