A song about torture

April 23, 2009

found at andrew sullivan’s website.  The guy is singing words from the Jay Bybee memo from 2005.


Making History and Maybe Being Irresponsible

November 4, 2008

Well, it’s 6:21pm in Old Europe, I’m listening to Howard Stern talk about the election and the excitement is growing.  Today is the election in the States, maybe you knew that already… 🙂

Some of us want to meet tonight.  I have to work at 8am tomorrow with about 9 women whose English is not good which means more work for me. I was tempted to cancel it and still might but as of now, I’ve got to work, 8-9:30, 9:30-10:30 and 11:30-1 and 1-2:30pm. That is kind of a long day and is worth a lot of money to me and am seriously considering cancelling it because of the election.

We are meeting around 9-10pm and some of us are planning on staying at our friend’s until 2am or even later.  I talked to my buddy Gregg and his phrase was “I’m planning for the worst”.  He has to work at 7:30am so he’s allowed to tell me I’m being a pussy if I go home early, he’s got to work earlier than me.

Probably what’s gonna happen is that I will be dead tired and somehow get through the work and have the whole afternoon/evening to relax and do nothing and probably go to bed early tomorrow night. Life is short and this election is one of the top 5 most influential things that has ever happened in my life.  Here are the top 5 not including the election:

  • Kirk Gibson’s homerun in game 1 of the 1988 World Series
  • Receiving my permanent work permit to live in Germany indefinitely
  • April 14, 1999 – the epiphany where I learned this is the only life I get
  • My first journey, 10 weeks travelling around the US and Canada in Fall of 1999
  • My first Black Crowes’ show, May 23, 1995, the day before I turned 21

Ok, this was just done off the top of my head but tonight’s election is so important, its importance can’t be underestimated, can it?

I’ll let you know what happens at work tomorrow.



October 25, 2008

I’m definitely one of the time wasters out there.  I am addicted to spending my free time lying in a hammock with a laptop on my lap.  I did go jogging today, so that’s something.  I also cleaned my room and even put my nice new bedspread from Guatemala on the bed.  I’m doing laundry.  I’m doing some preparation for the university classes next week.  I’m doing stuff, but all from the hammock.

I’ve dinner plans with 3-4 other English teachers tonight, and maybe a couple of other native speakers, we’re gonna get some pizza, have a few brews and shoot some shit.  It’s got potential.  I’ll let you know how it went.

Last night I went to a concert with Franziska.  The guy’s name was Goetz Alsmann.  He normally is a host for a tv show but he also has like a latin swing band with just him and 3 other guys.  All the songs were in German and I was definitely not the normal demographic of person there. It was quite a few people my parents’ age and older.  He was a pretty funny entertainer but I had trouble understanding him often because he spoke so fast when he was telling one of these funny stories.  I often didn’t laugh when the rest of the people were laughing but at least I could feel in the timing of what he was saying when the laughs were coming.  It was like at those times I understood 50 percent of what he was saying but not what it really was about and how the humor fit in.  Still though, it was a nice evening that had begun with good Thai food, a beer in an Australian restaurant and then to a modern church hall for the show.

Monday afternoon

October 20, 2008

I slept poorly, was productive the first half of the day and not since.  I did some writing in the Newropean, did my lesson plans for this week and then went jogging.   I went food shopping, made a salat and fried up some cordon bleu and Franziska came over and we had lunch.  I washed the dishes of which there were a shitload and then we chilled out a bit before she had to go back to class.

I didn’t have to work today.  I work tomorrow at 8am.  I’m a little in shock that the alarm-at-7am bullshit starts again tomorrow.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8am…well, at least I have work, right? 🙂

Listened to Howard Stern interview Cheech and Chong which was good, downloaded a new Ryan Adams song and am still working on putting tags on all of the old posts I’ve made.  It’s going to take forever but so be it. You’ll see the ‘tag cloud’ down on the right and I have to admit, I love that thing.

Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama yesterday.  So did the Washington Post.  Those are pretty big endorsements.  Hell, the Chicago Tribune which has NEVER endorsed a Democrat did so last week, as did the LA Times, which had also never endorsed a Democrat and hadn’t even endorsed a president since 1972.

I voted today.  My ballot came via email and I filled it out carefully and plan on mailing it tomorrow. My vote is not so important for California but it’s important for me to have a say in what’s going on. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain and I certainly want to be able to complain!


October 11, 2008

The name of Ryan Adams’ band’s new album is Cardinology. I’ve heard about 8 of the 11 songs so far and am really excited about it. In fact, I’ve just pre-ordered a copy of it from Amazon, along wth a biography of the company Blackwater and a book by Naomi Klein called “The End of America”. It should be interesting.

I’m bummed that Ryan isn’t coming to the Continent for this tour, only the UK in November. Maybe in the new year, but I’ll tell you, the show of his I saw in November last year in London was superb. I would definitely travel to see him play provided it worked out. But in November my parents are visiting and we’re going to Barcelona together and so that is out.

He’s playing in LA 8 days before I arrive in December. This happens often with my travels, but it’s okay. Those are the breaks of being a jet-setter. No, I’ve never ridden in a jet (that I know of) and I’m no much of a setter but I am living that life, albeit in miniscule imitation. I have flown more than 20 times this year, for the 3rd or 4th year in a row. Only once was in business classs and that was a random upgrade. I will have visited 13 countries on different continents. My 4th year in a row with more than 100 days of vacation.

Granted, I’ve slept in some pretty awful hotels (Panajachel, Santa Rosa de Copan, Leon, Antigua, etc)and had some strange sleepng arrangements (Amsterdam, Brasov). I’ve eaten a lot of crappy food, and I don’t just mean fast food and oreos. I’m talking about food of unknown provenance and cleanliness, nearly unbearable bathroom facilities and blah blah blah. That must all be taken into account. It’s true, I “jet-setted” into somewhat undesirable areas but hey man, you don’t always know where you’re landing, right?

The internet tubes

October 8, 2008

I’m sure I don’t use the internet to the fullest extent possible. I’m not even sure that I would want to but there are some things that make it the best thing in the world. I’m referring to getting music from the Internet and getting it into your computer or even just headphones with very little effort and just some time.

Right now I’m listening to a My Morning Jacket show from Chicago 2005 that sounds pristine. I used to have to send blank tapes to people and wait a couple of weeks to get some new live music or I’d make a copy onto tape of some live show I had. The shit was time-consuming but there was a slightly human aspect to it. Now it’s just attaching to a newly formed nipple of information and suck at will.

I have been going gaga over some new Ryan Adams stuff (found on archive.org) from just in the past week. You can’t imagine how close you feel to the whole world when you download a concert that had just ended 36 hours ago on the other side of the world and it is there for your perusal and or just file it away with other live shows until it’s time to listen to some new ones. It could be overkill but it’s like a huge sugar vein and it’s not that easy to stop.

A disclaimer: I am only referring to downloading live music for my own use, not studio-released material. Nor am I selling anything. It stays on my computer.

Sorry for that disclaimer. I know I’m not that interesting but with the way information is sucked on, not being interesting can still be enough to start a new FBI “assessment” of me. I know it sounds like I’m exagerrating but this


is a problem. I can’t believe I’ve “become” such a far left person, just because I care about the Constitution and rule of law.

Anyway, more good stuff about the internet there. I can have more access to information and so my curiosity and thirst levels and nearly always satified by the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I like reading and doing other stuff too, but I like feeling connected to the rest of the world, even if in brief moments.

So, now that the weekend is here 🙂 what is on tap for the rest of the day?

*I’m going to work on the 3rd installment of the new novel I’m working on, “The Newropean” or the “The Neuropean”.

*I’ve got to start on the Central America digi photo album. It’s time consuming and only later rewarding in those moments when you get someone who will look at photos for 20 minutes.

By the way, I’ve added some new links to the right, places where I get a lot of my news. Some of you might wanna check it out.

The weekend with Maya

July 22, 2008

Wow, what a great time with Maya this weekend! She was visiting from Norway and we were busy:

Thursdy night, hung out for a couple of hours after midnight after she arrived.

Friday night, met up with a bunch of friends and we got wild, with some of us still with drinks in our hands at 4am.

Saturday night, went to a buddy’s dj gig of electro music and were there until 2am.

Sunday we didn’t do much because the weekend had been taking its toll and then…

Monday night we went to the Ben Harper show which was epic. I had a great time and the guy has some amazing energy.

How was your weekend?

I’m leaving in less than 3 days for the rest of the summer, woohoo!