May 4, 2009

Maya has been here all weekend visiting from Oslo.  Her first night, we saw the reggae band at Jos Fritz, saw R dancing crazy and then Oli, Gregg, R and Kristina and Fox and Maya and I got a little wild at the Cohi Bar, a superficial place for law students with big cocktails.  We had many cocktails.  We eventually got kicked INTO the bar because we were too loud and then kicked OUT of the bar around 3:30am.  Maya and I taxi’ed home and went to bed at 4:30am.

Friday we didn’t do much for obvious reasons.

Saturday we went into the city, did some shopping, and when it started raining we took refuge in O’Kellys.  Then to Cafe Atlantic, the Reggae Bar, and then Alter Simon.

Yesterday we went for a walk with Franziska, then made some chili for dinner. We also painted some paintings.

Today, Monday, we had lunch with R and some more shopping and then painted again today.

Tomorrow I have to work at 8am and so there’s a sense of the weekend being seriously over.

I’ll fill ya in on more when it comes…


The weekend with Maya

July 22, 2008

Wow, what a great time with Maya this weekend! She was visiting from Norway and we were busy:

Thursdy night, hung out for a couple of hours after midnight after she arrived.

Friday night, met up with a bunch of friends and we got wild, with some of us still with drinks in our hands at 4am.

Saturday night, went to a buddy’s dj gig of electro music and were there until 2am.

Sunday we didn’t do much because the weekend had been taking its toll and then…

Monday night we went to the Ben Harper show which was epic. I had a great time and the guy has some amazing energy.

How was your weekend?

I’m leaving in less than 3 days for the rest of the summer, woohoo!