Second draft mofos!

January 15, 2010

I am happy to say that I just now finished the second draft of my newest novel, The Newropean!  It’s probably not quite ready to be sent to the printers were I get 20-30 copies printed up for friends and colleagues to give me some feedback.  I hope this summer to get perhaps 200 copies printed with an ISBN number even so I can sell them directly from my apartment.  Too bad I already have too many damn books in my apartment as it is.  But I’ll figure something out.

And part of the figuring something out has to do with reorganizing my room a bit.  I don’t know yet how it’s going to happen, it could just be minor changes but I already moved a small table under my desk in the corner to house my printer and I was able to put a small tapestry I like on it which also hides some of my photographs underneath, photos I hope to use in an exhibition in Romania in late March.

I’m going to see my friend’s band play tonight, not the greatest name in the world for a hard rock band, Bowel Function, but they’re all Germans so what can ya do?

I’m going to get ready now because I’m going to help a man wipe snow off of solar panels.  That’s how desperate I am to get my foot in the door of the Renewable Energy industry.  And then, instead of going to the gym, I’m goin to take a long, hard look at my room and figure out what to do.

I’ll keep ya updated!


A period

October 30, 2009

Franziska will be in Honolulu for the next six weeks.  I’m starting a new regiment on Sunday, November 1st, for better or worse.  It might not be the most interesting month of my life, no offense to anyone who has a good time with me in November, but I will be focusing on some of the behind the scenes work in life, improving my German, working out, writing, reading about renewable energy, stuff that would have trouble competing with going down to walfisch and eating a schnitzel and drinking a few beers.  Don’t get me wrong, there will still be some beer in this belllay, but for that one month, and letting it spill over into December, I will focus on these things.

30 days:

everyday writing in German in my journal

20 workouts, whether jogging, fitness studio and 30 minute workout at home

20 days of writing Newropean

20 days of concentrated reading of German or practicing grammar

14 days of work

I miss Franziska, but I’m really happy for her and am glad I got my own things going on right now, this is one of those periods where I have shit to get done too.  The pats 5 years I have had a life that challenged me enough that I could pursue various leisure activities like travelling through Central America and now I want to challenge life more for awhile. It’s just gonna take a little effort to get the ole engine started up!



October 2, 2009

October second, life plowing ahead slowly but surely.  I’m in the process of shedding – clothes, possessions and hopefully a bit of weight.  Going jogging soon, and have been exercising almost everyday since I got back.  Then again, it’s only been six days so we’ll see.

I’ve gone through my closet and pulled out one bag’s worth of clothing and shoes.  Two pairs of shoes, a couple of pairs of pants, some shirts, socks, etc.  It felt good to throw them in the bag with a little voice in my head saying “You still want that stuff” but of course that side of my brain conveniently forgets the closet full of clothing.  I’ve got about 7 pairs of jeans, 7 pairs of cords/dress pants, 15 underwear, 20 pairs of socks, 30 dress shirts/hawaiian/cowboy shirts, about 12 t-shirts, and let’s not even get started on the winter stuff.  I”ll be going through that when I pull it out in earnest in the next week.  That said, getting rid of a bag of clothes is a drop in the bucket and that’s why it’s so easy to get rid of it.

That said, I have a tie-dye t-shirt from may 1998 that is falling apart and I can’t seem to get myself to throw it away. I want to do something with it, like cut out a pattern from it and use it because it was beautifully done, traded for some grateful dead bootlegs in central pennsylvania somewhere.

I could probably shed some books too but that’s tough, because Franziska likes to keep all her books and I’ve gotten rid of dozens over the years but it is really nice to have them all.  I want my library someday to books I’ve really read and plan to read rather than having something that looks like a trap door into another room.

On a different note, I may have some trouble with the tax authorities here and I’m looking forward to it, an audit of my finances for last year.  I’ll keep you updated but basically I know that even if I lose all the money I’ve worked so hard to save here, I still want to stay.  I want to live in Germany and be part of society.

I’ve also been doing some research on programs here in Germany, many of whom start next October.  It might even be a university program on Renewable Energy Management.  I may not have the scientific background but I think it’s something that could interest me.  I’m not looking forward to studying for this german-language exam in May but it’d be a start and help me get into the feeling of studying for hours at a time, something I haven’t done since before a blowjob rocked the political world.

I had a meeting yesterday for a new photo exhibition, at a restaurant called “Grandma’s Kitchen”.  I had an exhibition there two years ago and it went pretty well.  This time I’m planning on taking it to the next level by having these photos printed onto canvas so they look sharper.  I’ll let you know when that gets finalized.

That’s just about it for the past couple of days, going to meet some friends this evening I haven’t seen in 2 months, looking forward to letting my hair down a bit. 🙂

Hitler Mustache

September 30, 2009

I’ll be honest.  It’s been hard getting back into work.  Especially because I haven’t worked in two months, I’ve been sleeping in the living room the past few nights and I know that there are slow forces at work leading my life into a new direction.  I might be doing different work in 3 years.  I might be still doing English teaching part-time but also involved in another career.  I’m still not right on the right time and simple things seem a bit daunting but then they work out exactly as planned more or less and so I’m getting back on my feet.

I received two new photographs of mine printed onto canvas and I”m really excited about it because I’m going to do my next photo exhibitions with the photos printed like this.  I’m especially excited that the digitized negative is enough to do it.  THAT means that my next camera will be a good digital SLR.  The might be a  purchase next year but first I want to get a new laptop when I’m home at Christmas time.  3 years will have passed since I got this toshiba beaut i got her but I fear that technology has moved rather quickly the past 3 years and I could keep this laptop at home and the other could be a more mobile laptop or vice versa.

I have yet to write any material in The Newropean since early August.  I’m feeling the official end of a period of time today and tomorrow being October 1st, the beginning of the 4th quarter in America, I’m going to consider it a day to get started with some plans again.  I have gone to the gym twice and the good weather will ensure I’ll go jogging tomorrow.  With regards to the Newropean, I’ve almost got the story under control but I have to send it in a distinct direction next and I want to make sure I know how I want to portray that before and I just had an idea. I have a basic outline how i want the story to go and so maybe i can practice and write out a scene on the list, even if it’s not the next scene, just to see how the tone in a chapter or two should sound.

And then I have a class with retired people and I have to try and explain to them why people in America would protest with signs of Obama with a Hitler mustache because he has a healthcare plan to help working Americans.

Don’t neglect me, baby…

July 8, 2009

…I want you to be my conspiracy.


I love those black crowes lyrics.

As “summer” has come and rained, and with me going to California for the summer in 2.5 weeks, I’ve been pretty busy doing stuff lately.  Things like grading exams, packing up unnecessary stuff into boxes, exercising, chilling wif my lady, ya know, life.

I downloaded a Black Crowes show last night and it is from 3 nights ago in Columbus, Ohio.  First off, it’s so cool that I can be in central Europe and have music that is 3 days old blasting in my headphones.  Secondly, I remember Columbus, Ohio from the summer of 1991.

Me, and Mark and his dad drove to Ohio so Mark and I could try and qualify for the US Junior Amateur in golf.  Why did we drive to Ohio?  Well, the course that the teenage golfers could play in Ohio to try and qualify was a famous golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus called (I think) Muirfield.  Every year there is a golf tournament played there called “The Memorial” and the tournament is held on Memorial Weekend.  It has permanent TV camera towers on many of the holes, which had some of the widest fairways I had ever seen.

It took us about 5-6 days to drive there and we played golf a few times along the way.  I remember clearly (more or less) hitting golf balls at a driving range in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the 4th of July, the day we departed.  It had been a hot 13-hour drive to get there and it was awesome seeing the thunderstorm happening down the hill as we were hitting balls.  We also played golf somewhere in Chicago and Indianapolis, both famous courses that were ranked in the top 100 in America.  You may not know this but I may have played about 10 of those courses, but this was back in the day, in the parlance of our times.

It turned out there were 2 golf courses there, one for the tournament and one for the members.  I shot a 92 the first day that should have easily been 85 but those greens kicked my ass.  The next day I played like a man posessed in one of my best rounds ever, a 76 on a tighter golf course.  I think I’ve shot 76 in official tournaments less than 5 times so that’s a pretty big deal.  Considering I haven’t played golf in 18 months or something crazy like that, I’m interested to see what I’ll shoot.  Then again, I probably will not play by the rules this time. I may move the ball around a bit and even give myself a mulligan!  Oh, the times have changed.  I used to eat breathe and sleep golf back when I was 16/17 and  now I can’t remember my last round.  That’s gonna change soon.  Golf is singing, “Don’t neglect me, baby…”


July 1, 2008

2008 is half over. What are you doing with your lives? Seriously, a half of a year is gone and what do we have to show for it? I had one measley photo exhibition in Romania, have done no writing virtually with the exception of journaling, and have done some travelling. Ok, well, maybe more than a little but… And I do have a new girlfriend, that is definitely something. I have a new job (a private company that signed up for 6 weeks at 40euros/hour).

But what, really? In a way, I totally wasted the first half of 2008. In other ways, not at all. If I had no artistic inclinations, I think I would feel even more satisfied about my life but there is this constant quiet nagging (no, not the girlfriend, haha) saying to me things like:

*hey dude, why aren’t working on “A Humorous Guide to Leaving the Country”?

*hey dude, why don’t you finish “Selling to the Norwegians”?

*hey dude, when are you going to get all your negatives organized and make a portfolio?

*hey dude, when are you going to try and send some of your photos in to be published in magazines?

*hey dude, why aren’t you taking pictures of Freiburg and the area in order to practice technique?

Those are just some of the questions that keep coming into my head but here we are, 2:26pm on a Tuesday and I have the rest of the day off, here’s what I want to do:

*watch some WWII documentary
*drink something with ice cubes in it
*have dinner with my girlfriend
*go to bed at a reasonble hour because I have to get up early tomorrow

But hey, I enjoy this moment, it’s necessary, I need the downtime because often I’m on the go A LOT and it’s nice to being here and relaxing. God knows this summer I’ll be on the go enough…