Thanks, Diarreaha!

September 22, 2008

Believe it or not, this is NOT about me getting the good ole Montezuma’s revenge.  We just had a wonderful afternoon in North San Francisco around Fisherman’s Wharf, shopping and eating and walking and seeing sea lions  and then we were in the parking structure, in the elevator going to our car.  The elevator was full of Germans, middle aged ones from the middle of the country most likely.  As we were getting out on our level, I said in German, “Schoenen Abend noch!” which means, “Have a nice evening!” and one of the guys answered, “Danke, durchfalls.”  This may not seem funny to you but here’s why it is… Normally one would answer, “Danke, gleichfalls” which means, “thanks, likewise” but this little joker made a play on words into, “thanks, diarreaha”.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t know that I would understand him.

I had a  nice breakfast with my aunt’s friends, Caroline and Dozer, a lesbian couple who have a 5-year old son.  Super nice people, really laid back and their son was a riot.  The place we met was called The Fat Lady and it was an instant classic.  A review from Zagat’s on the wall in the hallway started with “Experience a bordello without committing a sin…”  I loved it so much I bought a shirt from the place.
Last night we had dinner at my mom’s cousin’s and he cooked us some goooOOoood food.  It started with a antipasti platter with salami, prosciutto, and serrano ham, and figs and some bread and some olives.  Then we had some pasta with homemade pesto.  Then we had some amazing bbq’d chicken with succatash, grilled artichokes, onions and mini eggplants with tomatoes.  We also had an amazing tomato and mozarella-like salad that rocked.  We had cheese and bread and figs and walnuts and honey for dessert.
I’m driving home with my folks tomorrow and will have 4 more nights at home before having to go back to Germany but I’m looking forward to it, it’s been two months!