Going home home

January 4, 2009

After my discussion of what home means to me now, I thought I would tell you that I am going home home now, where I live most of the year, my work is and in the country where I pay most of my taxes.  that reminds me, I have to do my taxes again, something I despise if not only because there is a sense of nervousness of officially turning something into a government official that has to do with money. I often have thought that the smoothness with which a tax return is handled could be altered by the kisses or nagging of a wife at home before the tax man goes off to work.  Now to be honest, I am not that worried about it, but as a self-employed dude, it is always a little more interesting doing taxes because my definition of what is a write off may differ from the tax man.  But, in all honesty, I am super lucky because a friend of mine is a former tax lawyer and now a judge in the local tax court and advises me informally about how to fill out the complicated looking german tax forms.  Imagine how long some of those words are!

Either way, I dont make enough for it to really matter.  So, with that in mind, I shall take one train for nearly an hour and have 10 minutes to change trains with my heavy ass bags and then we will be sitting for about 6 hours in the same train from Hamburg to Freiburg.  From there I will use a bit of Xmas money and take a taxi to my place, needing two trips to carry the two big bags and then I will flop down in the hammock and relax.  Ahh, and to think, that is only 9 hours away, it is a short travel day!


Going home

December 28, 2008

When I’m in Germany, I talk about “back home” and I mean California.  When I’m in California, I talk about “back home” and I mean Germany.

This time going home means Germany. I’m flying with Lufthansa from Los Angeles to Frankfurt direct and then I have to catch a train for nearly 5 hours up north to Franziska’s town, Neumuenster.  I’ve never been to NW Germany and I’m excited to have a chance to visit Hamburg.  Her hometown is about an hour from there so we’ll check it out one of these days.

Our new year’s plan?  Apparently we’re goin to have to filet mignon with her parents and brother and then whoop it up a bit. I’ve decided that I want some convenience meaning that I want to be able to get home immediately after the night is over.  What I don’t want is to be drunk at 3am and having to wait 90 minutes for the first train from Hamburg to Neumuenster so I think we should just hang out in her town.  I like her brother so I’m sure that we can have fun no matter where we are and what we’re doing.  That’s one of my favorite things about about Franziska: I have a good time with her no matter where we are or what we’re doing.

Last night I went to dinner with a lot of people for Oli’s and Corrie’s birthdays. Corrie’s parents and my parents were there, and my aunt, and Cengiz, Chris, Aaron, Nate, Eric, Amy, Oli, Fox.  It was a big party.  Oli and Fox and I got home pretty early and got into the jacuzzi for awhile.  Those crazy Germans were still in the jacuzzi when I went to bed around 12:45am! Crazy Germans…oh wait. I’m flying to a country of 90 million of them today. Wish me luck!