Muthafucka’s hammockin!

October 7, 2008

Sorry for my foul language, I just could find no other way to express how absolutely decadent I feel lying in my hammock and blogging with my wireless internet in my room. It’s true, I don’t have a car, a nice TV or even a nice apartment, but none of that matters (to me). I’m a relatively simple guy and apparently wireless internet and a hammock will suffice.

The McCain campaign have gone off their rockers, sorry to make an old person joke but you gotta be kidding me. In a speech yesterday, to McCain’s rhetorical question, “Who is the real Barack Obama?”, a person at the event yells out “Terrorist!”. At a Sarah Palin event, as she’s telling her parishoners that Obama is “palling around with terrorists”, someone yells out, “Kill him!”. Now I do not hold McCain or Palin responsible for what some yahoo yells out at a campaign rally but the disturbing things are threefold:

1)McCain clearly heard the guy yelling “Terrorist!”. McCain should have, in that moment, said, “Calm down, people, this is about his policies. Barack Obama is not a terrorist and you know it.”

2)McCain, with nothing left in his tank except for bile, has decided to use it. He is going to drag America through the gutter in an attempt to Hail Mary his way into the White House. Not to mention that he has been wrong about so many key issues that are crucial to America. He’s just going to say that Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Tony Rezko show that Barack Obama has poor judgement. There’s no way that McCain wants to go down that road. For every Bill Ayers and guilt by association, there is a Charles Keating who is a guilt by guilt example.

3)Sarah Palin has some answering to do on a number of issues. A vice presidential nominee is not allowed to simply not hold ONE press conference before the election. She is also not allowed to, in my opinion, run for higher office when her husband will not even honor a subpoena in a highly relevant case, namely how she deals with subordinates and dissent. And finally, she has to answer some questions about having 60,000 dollars in per diem while AT HER HOUSE and then not claiming them on her tax forms. I was wrong, there is a fourth thing. I am not one to suggest that Trig Palin, the newest of the Palin clan is not Sarah Palin’s child. But she should be more than willing to provide documentation that he is. There is no record of his birth at the hospital. We have not seen her medical records. This is all a sham. If there is no accountability, let’s just go back to continental Europe in the 1700s when the monarch had absolute power. Then at least we’d know to stop asking questions.

ps I started writing a new book last night.



October 6, 2008

Tomorrow I have to get up around 8:30am, take a train and a bus out to an intersection and then walk two minutes to a company where I will teach 2 classes. I taught one class there in June and was ecstatic that they asked me about teaching a second class there, especially because my best paying school has their head up their ass and might not need me this semester. So this is a huge help.

I still have not hung the hammock, not sure how exactly I’m going to do it but want to have some expert help before I put my slightly overweight body on that thing. Falling down on a parquet flooris not exactly copacetic with a hammock.

I’ve been cold lately, mostly because it was hot as hell in California before I left. I have been havig trouble getting motivated to work out and/or jog because of the weather but I think something is gonna happen today.

Something else important that will happen today most likely is the beginning of a new book. Franziska is coming over later and will have some work to do so I am going to do some work of my own.

I turned in all the negatives from the Central America trip that I want to get enlarged. There are approximately 60 photos and I’m hoping to use 15 of them for an exhibition. I had an idea this morning to do an exhibition for Valentine’s Day with hearts but who knows if I’ll get around to that.

There is a new Rolling Stone article on John McCain that is a must-read. It’s pretty damning and delves into things that have been largely overlooked by the mainstream media.

We are 4 weeks away from hopefully having a chance to turn the United States around and bringing it back from the abyss but who knows, maybe we’re already too late.

Happy Monday!