Plan B or…

April 20, 2010

After my meeting last week with the head of the Renewable Energy Management program, it became even more clear to me that I need to come to grips with the fact that I could very well not be accepted to the program.  He said they expect more than 200 applications for 40 positions.  That’s a 20% approval rate or lower.  That’s not good.  I have to accept that I might not get in.  I’ve been thinking and wanting this for the past 6 months but it might not happen.  Accept that.

Ok, so I accept it.  I’m still an optimist and hoping for the best. But what if/when I don’t get in?  What does that mean for me?

I’ll be 36 next month.  So what? Or is that a big deal?  No, not to me.  I love my life.  I love that I’m in the hammock right now, I earn enough money to live my life and travel like a crazy SOB.  I’ve been doing that more or less the past 6+ years.  Am I ready for a change?  I don’t know.  I know that doing this master’s program would be a shock to my lifestyle but that’s okay because I’ve been preparing for it.  What if I don’t get in?  What’s my Plan B?

I guess I have more than a Plan B.  Plan B as it looks now is the status quo.  That type of thing could freak a lot of people out but I would love to think of my life staying just as it is for another 5 years, with barely any changes in it at all.  I have so many opportunities to be artistic, live like I’m 25 (hell more like 21 which is fantastic), travel more than anyone I know and yet enjoy my work.  I like English teaching.  Ok, not all of my jobs, in fact of the 8 or so jobs I have right now, I like half of them.  And the ones I don’t like are just simply work.  It’s painless, though, just my soul dying a little bit more than usual while the others are as invigorating as any work I’ve ever had.  I wouldn’t mind doing those jobs for years to come, namely at the university. It’s a challenge but so much fun.

So Plan B is the status quo.  Teaching English, travelling, doing photo exhibitions, writing books, playing music, going out, doing my thang.

What about Plan C?  It was proposed to me last weekend that translation could be something for me.  It allows me some freedom of location, although I already live in paradise so that’s not necessarily important.  However, it could get me to reduce some of my teaching work and let me do half translation and half english teaching.  Another good thing about that is that income from translation is not subject to 20% tax to the German Social Security so that is certainly a good thing.  I’ve got to learn more about the German language but maybe it’s a possibility.

Plan D?  Plan D is waiting for one year to apply for the REM program again, doing more internships to improve my chances and also to keep in close contact with the head of the program so he knows my intention is serious and he’s going to have to let me in the next year.  Or he won’t.


A big thanks for my life

November 30, 2009

I was sick yesterday and did not sleep well and woke to find that I am still sick.  A big thanks for my life because I don’t have to work today.  It’s true, I could have been earning a lot of money but the semester ended anyway and so I don’t have work on Mondays until the new year.  I am so grateful that, if I want, I can stay home the whole day and recuperate.  There is stuff I can do here, like my lesson plans and organize my desk and all that jazz and since I have to go into the city to work tomorrow morning, most of the other stuff that was on my list of plans to do today can be pushed back one day.

I have not seen Franziska for more than a month now.  True, we have skyped often and I’ve even seen her on video a few times but you’re kidding all of us if you think it’s the same.  I have accomplished some important things the past month, namely gotten a photo exhibition together, organized 2 more possibly (Romania and California) and finished writing AND typing my newest novel.  This novel is definitely one of the best of the 5 I’ve written and I’m looking forward to get a second draft finished and getting it out to some people, including publishers and then I’ll also look into self-publishing.  I’ve always been a sort of DIY-guy since I was 18 and first went to college.  Part of the influence of having been a punk.  It’s funny, I wasn’t a punk in the mohawk-sense but in my mentality, how I looked at things, borders I created for what offended or bothered me. Most of those borders were extended greatly by my time in college and yet some were shrunk, namely my feelings for lip-sync.  I am completely against lip-sync in any forum whatsoever and I am bothered by it when bands do it.  But most other borders, like people’s attitudes towards things started to become more of a curiosity rather than something that would make or break a friendship.  That’s probably one thing that led me to liking psychology, in addition to Robert Moser (rip), that punk rock had somehow helped me become a more understanding person and then psychology just sort of fit then.  I’d never thought about it like that but it’s interesting half a lifetime ago to think about such things.

I don’t accomplish nearly as much as I should in life but the problem is, compared to 98% of the people I know, I have accomplished “more” than they have.  Granted, many of them have children which in and of itself is an enormous accomplishment that I think I am still a few years away from.  I’m 35 and living like 25.  Is there anything wrong with that?  I don’t think so.  I’m responsible, I get my things done and I’m still thinking about the future.

And the future is telling me that I will finally see Franziska again in less than two weeks!  I’m flying home next Friday, I can’t wait!  I’ve got an interview for an internship before that and a short trip to Holland this coming weekend.  I think this will be the fifth year in a row that I will have flown in a plane more than 20 times in a year.  That is remarkable and I would guess that besides business travellers, there are not many people on earth who flew 20 times a year the past five years only for travel.  I’m proud of that, but I also know the damage it has done to the environment and that is another reason that next year I’m going to try and fly less next year.  It will easily still be 10 times because flying home and back is often 4 and if I do that twice and then go to Romania, bam! there is 10 times.  We’ll see.


I’m BaaaaAAAaaack

September 28, 2009

It’s before 8am on a Monday. I don’t have to work today but I have tons to do. Ya see, I’ve been away for two months and have left many of my responsibilities to the winds of time. Unfortunately, they have waited for me here patiently.

I do have a private lesson tonight and a couple of classes Wednesday morning. It’s good I’m starting slowly because I’m planning on making some changes in my life.

First, I’m going to start working out again. I’ve been living the good life the past 2 months and my pants feel like it.

Second, I’m going to refocus on The Newropean, my novel which is about 2/3 done. I’m planning on getting in a rhythm and writing at least a few times a week.

Third, I’m going to start studying for a 6-month time frame to take a German Language exam. This is to add another notch to the belt because…

I’m starting to think about new career paths. I still like English teaching but it does not provide the stability needed to get married and raise a family. That is not happening in the next year but it’s part of the 5-year picture. So now I”m thinking 5 years into the future, when I’m 40 and I’d like to be involved, if even only part-time with another line of work. There are some teaching jobs I would keep because I like them and the pay is enough.

But there are little things that need to be done start putting all that in the right direction, like paying for the gym membership, buying a new pen to write, printing out a copy of the German language exam, stuff like that.

I’m not a completely new person by the way, I bought plane tix to go to Holland with Maya the first weekend of December. Rotterdam or Leiden, who knows? 🙂