Sexually ambiguous

May 5, 2009
A sexually ambiguous George Clooney look-alike on a pizza box

A sexually ambiguous George Clooney look-alike on a pizza box



May 4, 2009

Maya has been here all weekend visiting from Oslo.  Her first night, we saw the reggae band at Jos Fritz, saw R dancing crazy and then Oli, Gregg, R and Kristina and Fox and Maya and I got a little wild at the Cohi Bar, a superficial place for law students with big cocktails.  We had many cocktails.  We eventually got kicked INTO the bar because we were too loud and then kicked OUT of the bar around 3:30am.  Maya and I taxi’ed home and went to bed at 4:30am.

Friday we didn’t do much for obvious reasons.

Saturday we went into the city, did some shopping, and when it started raining we took refuge in O’Kellys.  Then to Cafe Atlantic, the Reggae Bar, and then Alter Simon.

Yesterday we went for a walk with Franziska, then made some chili for dinner. We also painted some paintings.

Today, Monday, we had lunch with R and some more shopping and then painted again today.

Tomorrow I have to work at 8am and so there’s a sense of the weekend being seriously over.

I’ll fill ya in on more when it comes…


October 17, 2008

They tried to give me some stupid automatic first post on this new website.  I decided I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction.

Drinking with Colleagues

October 2, 2008

Last night was the first night I had gone out with colleagues in more than 2 months and did we make the most of it. The boyfriend of one of them was visiting from Wales and he added to our discussions with serious ruminations on police reports and “transporting language”, whatever the hell that means! We ended up hitting 3 places, all of us surprised that it was already 1:30am as we were leaving. But I had a great time, talking about Burning Man, various scenes and moments from Central America and childhood.

It’s raining now and I’m not too motivated to do much today, the most important thing I have going on is a private lesson at 7pm. I also get to see Franziska for the first time in a week and a half. She’s driving down from way up north with her folks.

I also picked up the photos from Central America yesterday. I wasn’t too happy with the photos but there are definitely a few good ones in there. I’ll be lucky to find 15 that could be used in an exhibition. I have to learn some more stuff about cameras and want to take a class or hang out with some more knowledgeable photographers because my zoomed shots were often grayed out for lack of light I’m guessing.

I had a phone call this morning with a company out somewhere (don’t remember the name of the town) but they would like to have now a second class with me until Xmas. That is enormously good news, that means every Tuesday I can earn 120 euros in a few hours out in the sticks. That’s 480euros/month until Xmas which is the foundation for most of my bills. I like…

It’s now noon, I guess I can clean up my room some more and try and organize some stuff but I’m caught up in reading news and wondering whether I could stay up late enough to watch the Vice-Presidential debates tonight, it’ll be on like 3am my time…

Now THAT was a border crossing

August 6, 2008

We stayed in Liberia last night with a nice guy named Max who is a teacher at the university and relatively complicated syllabi for his courses, even using the word ¨constructivist¨ describing the method!

We were up at 7am and he gave us a ride to the bus station and we waited in line with others and then by 8.15am were on a bus headed for Nicaragua.

Now yesterday was pretty crazy, with a big rig parked across the highway in some kind of protest and we later had to change buses because a bridge was coming apart so we literally had to walk across the bridge with all of our things, me sweating up a storm and onto a new bus for the last couple of hours through heavy rain.

But today, we get to the border and I´m immediately reminded of my border crossing from Paraguay back into Argentina back in August 2006. You can find a description of it probably on my blog.

Anyway, we wait in a line, find out it´s not a line and so have to change and some guy wants a dollar a piece for the entry cards we have to fill out. I give them back to him and we wait. Luckily, there was a very nice young Nicaraguan woman named Carla waiting ahead of us and she helped us through the entire process that consisted of waiting in that line and getting the stamp, then walking a kilometer across to the other side where a guy at a small wooden table is checking passports again, then into another line to get a stamp and paying 7 dollars, all the while with people wanting to selling us sweets or overpriced taxi rides or who knows what but she gave us the confidence to say no to all of them and then we had to pay another dollar to pass through some little gate where a guy is yelling that the bus is leaving, now 5 or 6 guys are standing around us wanting to whisk us away to San Juan del Sur but we decided to take the bus with her and then we would have to change in La Virgen.

Oh yeah, I forgot the whole point of this post! We literally crossed through a chain link fence that was broken open and Carla now said, ´Now you´re in Nicaragua¨. I couldn´t believe it! She was on her way home for 1 night to bring money home to her parents in Rivas. I told Franziska that it´s amazing in this part of the world people give money to their parents when usually it is the other way around for us.

We took the bus about a half hour, complete with a young boy of 8 or 9 with cross eyes walking through the bus asking for money and then suddenly we had to get out and wait for a connection but instead of waiting up to a half hour for the 50 cent ride, we paid a taxi 5 dollars for a direct ride to the town. We arrived, rejected the first room we saw because it was dark and depressing and opened up into the kitchen and communal bathroom area and then decided on a hotel around the corner which costs 24 bucks.

It started raining at that moment, around noon and we ordered a large, 1 liter beer for a $1.50. Then a Norwegian girl came and we talked for awhile, then 2 Canadians and then 2 New Yorkers (though they are actually from boston and south carolina) and the 7 of us proceeded to catch a buzz in the early afternoon and then walked down to the beach for lunch. I had a steak with jalapeno sauce which was pretty good.

We went back to take a nap but I mostly just sweated and now it´s after 8pm and we´re going to get a bit to eat soon… now THAT was a border crossing…

The weekend with Maya

July 22, 2008

Wow, what a great time with Maya this weekend! She was visiting from Norway and we were busy:

Thursdy night, hung out for a couple of hours after midnight after she arrived.

Friday night, met up with a bunch of friends and we got wild, with some of us still with drinks in our hands at 4am.

Saturday night, went to a buddy’s dj gig of electro music and were there until 2am.

Sunday we didn’t do much because the weekend had been taking its toll and then…

Monday night we went to the Ben Harper show which was epic. I had a great time and the guy has some amazing energy.

How was your weekend?

I’m leaving in less than 3 days for the rest of the summer, woohoo!

Sunday afternoon

July 6, 2008

I woke up at 9:44am, Franziska still asleep for awhile, went and got some breakfast that we could have with some coffee and then graded some exams and chilled out for awhile.

Now it’s 3:44pm and I’m listening to the Black Crowes playing Remedy from a mere 3 days ago. Franziska and I just had an interesting conversation about their music. At first she used the phrase “very mediocre” to describe their music and of course I couldn’t let that sit there but in the end, it’s okay, so we like different music, big deal. It’s not like we’re different religions or something…oh wait, nevermind.

The 4th of July party was a great time, about 7 Americans and their entourage took up two standard orange benches with a plastic American-themed tablecloth. We had ribs and fries and salad, there was some country and then some funk music with a dude getting down to the tunes.

One of my “friends” who shall remain nameless apparently did something which was quite foolish. As we were all getting ready to leave, he put some lighter fluid on one of the flags and tried to burn it. I didn’t see all of this going down but just put it together afterward. It was a shocking moment for me and something that I totally disapprove of.

People are free to express themselves as they wish but within reason, right? I think I of anyone could make a case for being upset about many things happening in America and I could express many of them calmly and thoroughly but that kind of behavior is just straight up unacceptable.

So, Franziska has gone to a movie with her roomie, I think Fox and Oli will come over in a couple of hours to make dinner and then later the ole ball and chain will come back over… just kidding baby! hahahaah