the dreams

July 29, 2008

So, a bunch of little things have happened as of late.

Still getting up earlier than I want, 7am this morning. My buddy Gino Casino was here two nights ago and we went out with my buddy Roman to Boscoes and then to the Spectrum and saw Stepbrothers, the new Will Farrell movie. he took off yesterday for san diego.

Franziska was supposed to come in last night but she got delayed in Newark, oh yeah! hahaha but I went down to San Diego today to pick her up. We visited Old Town in San Diego, had some Mexican food and then got through some traffic and finally made it up to the OC.

We did a bit of shopping, went to dinner and then came home to chill out. We were just in the jacuzzi for a bit and are now chilling out watching “Girls Next Door”.

Oh yeah, the reason for the blog post title is that we booked at least one night in Costa Rica on the beach in a place called Los Suenos which is spanish for the dreams….