Dilapidated Blue and Red

October 22, 2008


Jailed Youth

October 22, 2008

Beautiful Turn

October 22, 2008

Smiling Youth

October 22, 2008

Sure, you can bring a chicken on the chicken bus…

September 15, 2008


August 17, 2008

Yesterday Franziska and I went on a 4 hour guided hike up around a crater of a former volcano and down to the green laguna below. It kicked our ass. My legs are sore as hell but it was a nice little adventure. Our guide, Jose, had a machete with him the whole time and even pointed out a small snake as we went by and another animal like a squirrel in a tree. You shouldn´t forget that the hike was around 5 to 6,000 feet so we were pretty winded. Franziska also has a nice bruise on her right thigh that I said looked like a nebula and a little chunk off the palm of her right hand. At times, we were literally walking on the edge of the crater with a sheer drop on one side.

We had planned on going to Suchitoto tomorrow but we started changing our mind, either to go up north into Honduras or first west to the capital of El Salvador and north to a town called La Palma to stay one night before heading up into Santa Rosa de Copan, just a couple of nights away from visiting our first Mayan (I think) ruins of the trip, Copan. After that it´s into Guatemala and the last 2.5 weeks of our crazy adventure.

We met a couple of surfers from Santa Cruz at the place last night and one of them is a park ranger at a state park near Santa Cruz where big 5,000 pound elephant seals come to mate and fight on the beach. We might have to check that out…


August 14, 2008

Wow, where should I start? Should it be crossing into Honduras yesterday and as soon as all 23 of us were in the minibus, the police stopped us and made all of us get out and even frisked a few of us, us being all locals and an Australian couple and us. We descended from the hills and made it again into the lowlands, to a place I´m free to call a shithole called Choluteca, Honduras. Now I´m sure there are worthwhile things there (like the small turtle pond by the colonial church) but we checked it out yesterday and it was not to our liking. At night we actually ordered pizza hut and watched a little TV until a gigantic storm blew out the electricity.

This storm, while somewhat normal in Honduras possibly, was the biggest of my life. It lasted over 2 hours of constant pouring and seriously, it was nothing but lightning every few seconds and sometimes thunder, a very strange thing indeed. We swung in hammocks for a half hour and just sort of watched the occasional flashes of brilliance while drinking an Imperial beer.

We couldn´t sleep because of bugs (again) so we were up by 7, walked around the ¨colonial¨part for a bit, found the turtle pond and thought okay, that´s enough. We took a taxi to the station and then a bus to the border, took a motorcycle taxi across the border and then a bus that was blaring the movie 300 way too loud and then another minibus and then another bus before getting to Alegria. This small village, 5000 feet up in the mountains of El Salvador is our first favorite place of Central America. It´s quaint and colorful, there are photo opportunities and the people are nice. We are going on a hike to a crater with a lake in it tomorrow.

Two days ago we went on a hot ass hike to a waterfall that underwhelmed us. Now we are nice and relaxed. I had a real sweet tamale yesterday on the bus for about 20 cents and today I bought a semi cooked ear of corn for a quarter. It was delicious…