12 cocktails costs how much?

August 7, 2008

you know you are far from home when you can drink 12 cocktails: 1 pina colada, 2 strawberry daquiris, 2 mango and 1 peach daquiris, and 6 mojitos for 15 euros. it set our night off on a good track, for sure. Unfortunately the air conditioning didnt work and I literally sweated all last night and it was pretty disgusting but I want any and all to know that the sweating would have occurred regardless if I had had alcohol or not.

We went 10 dollars over budget last night but it was worth it.

Now we are in Granada, a “beautiful” colonial town that is packed with people doing nothing. Our hotel is across from the chaotic market and costs 15 bucks for a room with a private bath but it does have a fan that we will be using to great effect tonight. I have done nothing but sweat all day.

It took us 2.5 hours and 2 buses to go from San Juan to Granada and cost a total of $4.50 for the both of us. We´re going to the movies tomorrow night, to see Get Smart in English with Spanish subtitles. We might do a canopy tour tour, we might not.

I also stepped in a small drain in the sidewalk and hurt my leg but luckily didn´t break it. it is swollen and it took a half hour of walking to find ice but it´s gonna be okay…I think. See ya soon!