Don’t neglect me, baby…

July 8, 2009

…I want you to be my conspiracy.


I love those black crowes lyrics.

As “summer” has come and rained, and with me going to California for the summer in 2.5 weeks, I’ve been pretty busy doing stuff lately.  Things like grading exams, packing up unnecessary stuff into boxes, exercising, chilling wif my lady, ya know, life.

I downloaded a Black Crowes show last night and it is from 3 nights ago in Columbus, Ohio.  First off, it’s so cool that I can be in central Europe and have music that is 3 days old blasting in my headphones.  Secondly, I remember Columbus, Ohio from the summer of 1991.

Me, and Mark and his dad drove to Ohio so Mark and I could try and qualify for the US Junior Amateur in golf.  Why did we drive to Ohio?  Well, the course that the teenage golfers could play in Ohio to try and qualify was a famous golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus called (I think) Muirfield.  Every year there is a golf tournament played there called “The Memorial” and the tournament is held on Memorial Weekend.  It has permanent TV camera towers on many of the holes, which had some of the widest fairways I had ever seen.

It took us about 5-6 days to drive there and we played golf a few times along the way.  I remember clearly (more or less) hitting golf balls at a driving range in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the 4th of July, the day we departed.  It had been a hot 13-hour drive to get there and it was awesome seeing the thunderstorm happening down the hill as we were hitting balls.  We also played golf somewhere in Chicago and Indianapolis, both famous courses that were ranked in the top 100 in America.  You may not know this but I may have played about 10 of those courses, but this was back in the day, in the parlance of our times.

It turned out there were 2 golf courses there, one for the tournament and one for the members.  I shot a 92 the first day that should have easily been 85 but those greens kicked my ass.  The next day I played like a man posessed in one of my best rounds ever, a 76 on a tighter golf course.  I think I’ve shot 76 in official tournaments less than 5 times so that’s a pretty big deal.  Considering I haven’t played golf in 18 months or something crazy like that, I’m interested to see what I’ll shoot.  Then again, I probably will not play by the rules this time. I may move the ball around a bit and even give myself a mulligan!  Oh, the times have changed.  I used to eat breathe and sleep golf back when I was 16/17 and  now I can’t remember my last round.  That’s gonna change soon.  Golf is singing, “Don’t neglect me, baby…”