Don’t neglect me, baby…

July 8, 2009

…I want you to be my conspiracy.


I love those black crowes lyrics.

As “summer” has come and rained, and with me going to California for the summer in 2.5 weeks, I’ve been pretty busy doing stuff lately.  Things like grading exams, packing up unnecessary stuff into boxes, exercising, chilling wif my lady, ya know, life.

I downloaded a Black Crowes show last night and it is from 3 nights ago in Columbus, Ohio.  First off, it’s so cool that I can be in central Europe and have music that is 3 days old blasting in my headphones.  Secondly, I remember Columbus, Ohio from the summer of 1991.

Me, and Mark and his dad drove to Ohio so Mark and I could try and qualify for the US Junior Amateur in golf.  Why did we drive to Ohio?  Well, the course that the teenage golfers could play in Ohio to try and qualify was a famous golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus called (I think) Muirfield.  Every year there is a golf tournament played there called “The Memorial” and the tournament is held on Memorial Weekend.  It has permanent TV camera towers on many of the holes, which had some of the widest fairways I had ever seen.

It took us about 5-6 days to drive there and we played golf a few times along the way.  I remember clearly (more or less) hitting golf balls at a driving range in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the 4th of July, the day we departed.  It had been a hot 13-hour drive to get there and it was awesome seeing the thunderstorm happening down the hill as we were hitting balls.  We also played golf somewhere in Chicago and Indianapolis, both famous courses that were ranked in the top 100 in America.  You may not know this but I may have played about 10 of those courses, but this was back in the day, in the parlance of our times.

It turned out there were 2 golf courses there, one for the tournament and one for the members.  I shot a 92 the first day that should have easily been 85 but those greens kicked my ass.  The next day I played like a man posessed in one of my best rounds ever, a 76 on a tighter golf course.  I think I’ve shot 76 in official tournaments less than 5 times so that’s a pretty big deal.  Considering I haven’t played golf in 18 months or something crazy like that, I’m interested to see what I’ll shoot.  Then again, I probably will not play by the rules this time. I may move the ball around a bit and even give myself a mulligan!  Oh, the times have changed.  I used to eat breathe and sleep golf back when I was 16/17 and  now I can’t remember my last round.  That’s gonna change soon.  Golf is singing, “Don’t neglect me, baby…”


Schnitzel und schupfnudeln

June 16, 2009

a simple man lunch of schnitzel already breaded, schupfnudeln with a red pepper and mushroom sauce.

my first class didn’t happen but i was there.

i did some writing in The Newropean and finished that particular journal.

i made a new t-shirt that i hopefully will wear at the exhibition on saturday and it says Bobbele.

i had a class with 3 retired ladies in a large department store that could go bankrupt at any time. at first we talked of incontinence.

i went to the supermarket to buy said man food.

i went jogging while listening to a new crowes show from june 4 2009 biloxi.

showered, cooked and listening to howard stern.


Back “home”

December 22, 2008

Man, was that the longest long weekend in San Francisco!

Got there Wednesday night, had a great dinner with cousin whose 54th birthday it was and then the next day found Oli and Fox at their pretty nice hotel (though their room stunk to high heaven and had beer cans strewn about!) to the good enough hotel that was close to the Fillmore that I had booked.  We went to Fisherman’s Wharf, IHOP, and then back to the room before we went to the Fillmore to wait in line to see the Black Crowes.  They boys were real troopers, waiting in line and having a beer or two with me but they didn’t end up goin in because they didn’t have tix.

As with all 3 nights of the Crowes, I didn’t go down to the floor but rather was up in the balcony so I should see the whole band well.  They played their hearts out, and in the 3 nights they did not repeat one song which in and of itself is a pretty impressive feat.

The second night the boys did go, as did my cousin, and we had a pretty wild night ending with David making us some quesadillas around 1am.  That was nice of him.

Saturday we checked out Oakland a bit and then checked into our hotel at Geary/Van Ness again and I went back over to the venue for the last night.  Saw a lot of old Crowes fans from many years back and it was a reunion of sorts and was a good experience.

Sunday, we were slow, it was raining but Oli and I  went back to Oakland and had a nice brunch with my cousin and his son Willy and my aunt at a place called the Fat Lady.

Oli and I got to the airport 90 minutes before our flight left, a reasonable amount of time if our plane hadn’t left 3.5 hours late! I also had a beer spilled on me at the bar while waiting for our flight.  Fox was waiting for us at the Long Beach airport when we got in and drove us in his newly rented Jeep back to my parents’ house with me goin to bed around 2am.  It’s 9:45am now, I’m exhausted and looking forward to a couple of low key days before the holidays really start!

ps Our plans of goin to Morocco have changed.  It’s hard to explain but not just for me or for Franziska, but Morocco was starting to look less and less like what we wanted for our holiday in February.  It was goin to be stressful and difficult in ways I think we were not mentally prepared for again and so with whole hearted approval of her folks 🙂 we booked our tix to go to Portugal for 10 days.  I have not been to Portugal since September 2005 and it, besides London and Amsterdam and Malaga in Spain, is one of the few places that I will be going back to visit again. I’m really excited, it’s a beautiful country and the food is pretty good and of course the weather is pretty humane, something that is nice to have in February so…

Still Motion

November 28, 2008

I’m relatively inert in the hammock, but one of my favorite Black Crowes’ songs has come on from a show from Nov 10 2008 in Clearwater, Florida, “Wiser Time”, a roadsong for my college times.  “You ask me why another roadsong, funny but I bet you never left home” as Nate, Corrie and Jeff and I make a 13-hour drive from Flagstaff to Denver to see the Black Crowes September 28, 1996.  This song is motion and specifically reminds me of times in motion, purpose of motion, consequences of motion, reasons for motion, all of it.  And yet here I am in the hammock, still as hell:

“On a good day, I know it’s not every day, we can part the sea

Well, on a bad day, it’s not everday, glory just beyond our reach”

How can those lines not make you feel in church?  I’ve seen the Black Crowes 26 times, starting the day before my 21st birthday in Mesa, Arizona to this past April in Amsterdam.  I have plans to see them 3 times next month at the fabled Fillmore Theater in San Francisco.

By the end of next summer, I will have been in San Francisco 5 times since the beginning of 2008, a 18-month window.  That’s a lot of motion, isn’t it?  Amazing to think I’ve been in Brasov, Romania, San Francisco, and San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and Amsterdam and Vienna just in the past 9 months…a baby could have been born.

Weekend and grading and …

July 3, 2008


1)I’ve downloaded the first two shows of the Crowes new tour, from 6/28 and 29 from Hampton Beach. A new sound for them, not ideal but I’m digging it.

2)The weekend is here baby, 8:16pm on Thursday! Next class is 8am on Tuesday!

3)The exams came a week early but that’s good! About 50 exams to grade from this school is one of the last 10 BIG things I MUST DO BEFORE LEAVING FOR CENTRAL AMERICA… I’ll fill you in on the list later after I eat some chili con carne.

June 28, 1998

June 30, 2008

10 years ago today…

So on they have an online radio. And today they put on the show from exactly 10 years ago today. That was a very strange time for the Black Crowes and their fans. After a hiatus of a year and losing their lead guitarist and bass player, the summer of 1998 was filled with hope and uncertainty. They started their tour with the new guys a week before this show and because of the internet really starting to catch on in summer of 1998 (for me, at least), I was able to find out almost every day what the setlist the night before or 2 nights before had been. This was a wondrous thing for me because in the mid-90s the only way for me to find out what setlists were being played on a tour, it would come from me collecting tapes and seeing what was written on the tape and thinking wow, so this was the setlist for the show in say, San Antonio in early May 1995. Now of course people at the concert send text messages to people at home who post onto the internet what the current freaking song is!

And this is my point a bit. 10 years ago today. I was just starting to use the Internet more often, going into chat rooms and finding tour dates of bands and ebay. It was at the beginning of the nadir of the internet boom of the late 90s. Think of how things have changed in 10 years. 10 years ago I was amazed at the idea of someone putting up the setlist onto some website thingy that i could access from my desk at home in my boxers. Now I’m not amazed at the idea of people sending text messages while they’re IN the concert still and before people even get to their cars in the parking lot, me, on the other side of the world now, if I’m still up, can find out what the setlist was. I can wake up tomorrow morning at 7pm and look at the stats of the just finishing Dodger game.

I have flown across the Atlantic about 20 times since then. I’ve written 4 books, had a fashion show, a music festival and photo exhibitions in 5 countries. Half of this time I have lived in Germany. That in and of itself is insane to think about. There is no way that I could have predicted in the summer of 1998 that I would ever live in Europe. In fact, that summer is memorable also because it was that fall that I moved to West LA where I lived for about 18 months. That year had an enormous impact on my life. Really, it is the last 10 years that have have the greatest impact on my entire life. I have become an adult, albeit immature and barely responsible, in this time. I have travelled the most, experienced the most, learned the most, more than I ever learned in the ages 14-24 in school. I have really learned things, like how to open a bank account in German, how to get a permanent residence permit in another country, another language, a new job that is good work for my lifestyle.

I have lived in 6 places since then (LA, OC, Toronto, PA, 2 places in Freiburg). I have made a lot of new friends but the old friendships are still strong, you know who you are, Clog, Roman, Moondog, Borrevik, and of course others but you know that distance cannot penetrate our friendships completely. I’m glad to know that all of our lives are continuing and growing.

My parents moved 6 years ago and it was probably one of the smartest things they ever did themselves and their marriage. They could barely afford it and it just skyrocketed in value right after purchasing it, and they have put a lot of money into it, buidling a huge terasse and now I hear a freakin’ waterfall somewhere next to the horseshoe pit I have yet to see as well. That house has become party central and my parents have built a 5-star resort in their backyard, I couldn’t be happier for them. My parents are still healthy, thank god, my mom has a bout of cancer 2.5 years ago but she beat it back and they’re doing great. And from this distance, it makes me feel so lucky because I can still afford to be so far away from my folks, they are both lively and fun people, in their prime of their lives.

So a lot has changed in these 10 years and basically most of it for the positive. The rest can be chalked up to growing up. Now the song “Wiser Time” is on, and the lyric that defines a lot of can be summed up: “you ask why another road song, funny but I bet you never left home, on a good day, it’s not every day, we can part the sea, on a bad day, it’s not every day, glory just beyond our reach”.


ps The Black Crowes more or less officially opened their 2008 summer tour with two shows near Boston. In the 2-hour shows, only one song was repeated and it happens to be their single on some radio stations. It’s called “Wounded Bird” but the cool this is that it was the first song one one night and the last song on the other…


June 23, 2008

I’ve just recently spent about 350 dollars on concert tickets. I have 1 ticket for the Dec 18th, 4 for the 19th and 2 for the 20th of December at the Fillmore in San Francisco to see the Black Crowes. These will be their last 3 shows of the year and should prove epic. I’m super excited about it, I have not seen 3 Crowes’ shows back to back to back since May 2001 when I saw May 12, 14 and 15 in Santa Barbara and LA with Oasis.