St. Christopher

August 24, 2010

I’ve got my St. Christopher necklace on and that can only mean one thing: I’m travelling again…

The necklace was a gift from my mom when we were in Santa Barbara in October 1999 at the beginning of my first real trip, 2.5 months alone around the US and Canada.  The necklace has been with me on pretty much every trip since, including a month in greece, two months in south america, six weeks in central america, “countless” one and week two trips around Spain, Turkey, Norway, the Baltic States, Romania, Holland, etc,  and approximately 40 times across the Atlantic.  Talk about temping fate…Cheers.

I’ll be using my new passport tomorrow, my second trip with the 2.5 month old baby that only lives to be ten.  The first was the just completed 12 trip to Berlin and then onto Estonia.  No stamps were entered in the passport on that trip, didn’t even always see a passport control, what a world I live in.

I was wearing shorts, sandals and a polo shirt when it was pouring on my 10-week walk to the train station from Karstadt shopping center today.  It was one of those moments that reminds you that your awesome, kick ass life in Europe humbles you into walking in the rain with an umbrella and then you think, who cares?  It’s such a real experience walking for ten minutes, under-dressed, feet soaked carrying work bag while walking to the station to take a 25-minute train south to teach a class.  And the bam! I’m done working for 6 weeks.  Life is good, my friend, I’m happy to walk in the rain for that life, weissch? oder vielleicht doch nicht…schade, dass du wahrscheinlich kein deutsch kannsch, so ist das Leben, na?  Wenn du deutsch verstesht, shick mir deine Adresse und du kriegst eine Postkarte aus Kalifornien…cheers!