WM – Sommer – Alles

The World Cup has more or less shaped my life the past 3 weeks. I’ve cancelled classes, changed class times, gone to work with a hangover, all of it in the name of the glory of the World Cup.  And Germany has done their part.  They have kicked ass in this tournament, along with the summer having come full blown in the past 10 days or so.  My roommate was saying how she felt she shouldn’t complain about summer but…it’s hot and humid.  We live in the apartment under the roof and it’s hot as hell up here.  I have all the windows open and the fan on me.

I had two visitors this weekend, a guy from Oklahoma and a girl from Finland but they both are living in Luxembourg this summer.  I love living in Europe for reasons just like this.  We had a great time at the Winefest around the old church, then saturday enjoyed the cultural spectacle of a german beergarden at the height of summer with Germany beating Argentina 4-0 in the quarter final to move into the semifinal to face Spain on Wednesday.  My week is shaped around that game.

The internship in Estonia is more or less set, I’ll be flying August 7th to Riga, Latvia and then travel via bus/train to Tartu most likely.  What’s crazy is that I could also leave for the airport a little earlier, like 2 days earlier.  I could stay in Karlsruhe for a night to visit a friend of mine who lives there, or even back to Luxembourg for a night or two, it was fun hanging out there and had a good vibe.  I could go to Frankfurt or Trier.  I’ll work one week at a wind turbine company in Tartu.  I’ll also go to my buddy’s first ever music festival for his hometown 50km away.  On Monday August 16th, I’ll be flying from Riga to Duesseldorf, take the train home, work a bit for the next 8 days then fly to California for 5 weeks.

That last paragraph shows you on what level I live my life.  I’m not worried as much as I appear about my future.  I was told last week that my mid-life crisis has started after I told some friends about not getting into the master’s programs, and then wanting to do something good for myself so I bought a big flat screen TV.  As I ponder what life means at 36 and in a job that more or less makes me happy, I can watch the Simpsons on a 37-inch TV to help me forget to ponder.

Where do I see my life in one year?

*A new book finished writing, “The Couchsurfing Stories”

*”The Newropean” sent to 20 publishers

*Possibly accepted to a program that interests me.  Would I really live somewhere else?  What if I could go to Salamanca, Spain for a two-year master’s program that really interested me? Or Maastricht, Holland?  Or Marburg, Germany?  Or Coimbra, Portugal?  Would I move from Freiburg?  I have trouble trying to find a reason I would leave Freiburg.  The only reason I could possibly see me leaving Freiburg at this moment in my life is if my parents are not well and I need to take care of them.  I feel like I am in the absolute best place for me in this long phase of my life.  I have lived in different two apartments on opposite sides of the same street corner. I found my spot, ya know?  I have my headquarters, even if it’s living with two college students.  I mean, who cares?  I’ve decided that living alone is not that important o me.  It’s more important that I can afford my life.  Having my own place would make it more difficult for me to have the same life.  That’s an easy sacrifice for me at this juncture.  I’m happy with my living situation.

*I will have visited my 50th country by then.  I’m at 48 right now and probably I’ll try and get to Africa somewhere for 2-3 weeks and will either visit a couple of countries there OR I’ll make sure that my birthday trip for next year is to a new country.  I will achieve 50 next year and I’m proud of that.  It’s superficial in a way but I have seen a little stretch of the world and it’s taken a lot of work, effort, stress, energy, money, time, I’ve gone places most people don’t get to (ex. Semuc Champey, Guatemala; Tilcara, Argentina; Selcuk, Turkey; Gaspesie Peninsula, Canada) and it’s given me my art.  I write about places I’ve been and I take photographs of things I’ve seen.  How can I put those things together to help pay for my life?  Should I write a travel article about Freiburg and try to sell it? That’s a great idea, I think.

So in some ways my life will be a continuation of how it’s been the past 7 years.  These past 7 years have been the best of my life.  Why shouldn’t I rejoice in that, right?  I guess my mid-life crisis is freaking out that i’m not more worried… hahaha 🙂


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