Last Bosnian City for now…

So after leaving Jajce, the bus ride to Sarajevo was also pretty damn pretty, if I can say it like that, and that continued all the way here to Mostar, really impressive the scenery in this country.

I was met at the Sarajevo bus station by Maja, a friend of a friend of a friend or so, she asked right off the bat if I wanted to have a beer.  I said yes.  We went to the Tito cafe, complete with tanks and artillery near the shaded outside area that was full of students.  A good way to be introduced to a place.  We then took the tram into town, found my hostel rather easily, 12euro a night for a good enough bed in the very center of town so i took it.  We wandered around the main shopping area, up and down and around, looking at mosques, churches and buildings with chunks taken out, the result of 15-year old gunfire.  We walked up the top of the hill for a commanding view of the city and took a little break there.

We started drinking beer again once it was late enough, but not before we had lunch on the 4th floor of a Muslim mall, which means no alcohol, no gambling, etc.  We met a friend of hers and had another drink with her and I ended up having a relatively early night, in bed by 11.30 or so.

The next day we met at 11, went to the National Museum, found out when my bus the next day (today) would be leaving and then tried to avoid the craziness of the kids in the museum, a difficult task to say the least.  Back into the city for a cevapi (doesn’t this country ever eat salads and fruits and vegetable? it’s all meat and bread) which is sausages stuck together in a pita with some chopped onions and some white cream sauce, tasty but very filling.

We took a break for a few hours and met again at 8pm, and after watching the arrivals of prom dance attendees, we went to a place aptly called City Pub.  We met some crazy English people there, all 19 and never knowing when they were telling the truth and bullshitting.  The girl was nothing but trouble, trying to get some Bosnian guy to do 50 pushups in a minute and then something would happen.  What exactly? It’s hard to say, he only spoke german and so I was an intermediary.  Soon seeing that she was more interested in toying with him, I encouraged him to let it go and she was a waste of time.  Then she said, as they were leaving, she didn’t want to get AIDS from a European guy so I gave her a condom.  We also met 2 nice Sarajevans who spoke good English but after awhile were talking about a famous Bosnian singer getting shit on by a woman in a porn video and wanting to know that if that could be considered kinky.  Answer?  yes…

Woke up early this morning, took the bus almost 3 hours to Mostar, got a ride to the hostel which is in a typical block apartment but run by nice people and then I took off to explore the Old Town to take pictures for awhile.  I have some downtime before meeting a couchsurfer tonight.  Travelling is exhausting even though I’m not doing anything…


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