a quick update

Long weekend, was out thursday, friday and saturday until like 3 or so, grading exams, going jogging and working out almost everyday, there is a holiday on Thursday with the awesome name of Christi Himmelfahrt which translates to “heaven ride” and I think is for Ascension Day, so the week is shorter than normal.

I am turning in my applications for two master’s programs at the end of the week, and before I know it I’ll be on my way to Luxembourg for a mini two-day trip before flying from Frankfurt-Hahn to Osijek, Croatia, where I hope to catch two buses getting me to my destination of Banja Luka, Bosnia by around 11.30pm if things go well, a mere half hour before my birthday.  It’s conceivable that I will begin my birthday this year on a bus.  I think I’ll buy 4 bottles of wine and some supplies and try and throw a little party with a couple of people on the bus, ooh, that’s a good idea.

When i get back the world cup will start and suddenly things are gonna fly by mid-july when there are exams to grade, and august will be very quiet, and i’m thinking of going away somewhere for a week then, like to Tunisia or Bulgaria or Malta or Morocco and then bam! it will be August 25 and I’ll be getting on a plane to California for 5 weeks.  When I come back, I’ll either be starting a 2-year master’s program or I’ll be teaching and doing some translations possibly and planning an epic trip for summer 2011, like 2 months in Asia through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand or travelling through West Africa, maybe even volunteering somewhere or working on a solar project, something I tried to plan for this summer but it didn’t really work out that way, which is fine because 5 weeks in california is an excellent summer.  Plus I’ve already got plans to go to the 6th Germany California Solar Day in San Francisco in September, so I’m staying involved in the industry a little, we’ll see…


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