Two itineraries

March 28 – Apr 5

28 Zurich to Iasi, Romania

29 Iasi

30 teaching in the afternoon

31 teaching in the afternoon, photo exhibition and central american themed party

1 daytrip to Moldava

2visit a village then drive up to Suceava

3 visit the painted monasteries, attend a midnight Easter service at a monastery

4 travel back to Iasi

5 at the airport at 5am to fly back to Zurich

May 21 – June 4

21 travel to Trier

22 daytrip to Luxembourg

23 fly Frankfurt-Hahn to Osijek, Croatia

24 Banja Luka

25 Banja Luka

26 Jajce

27 Sarajevo

28 Sarajevo

29 Sarajevo

30 Mostar

31 Mostar

1 Split

2 Split

3 Zadar

4 fly home to Germany


One Response to Two itineraries

  1. Mooney says:

    How’s it going out there my man? We are going to Vegas for my Bachelor party June 11-13th FYI

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