The Quote Book from the timeshare

So using the timeshare stationary notepad, I kept a quote book for the week at the timeshare.  Without further ado or explanation, here they are in order:

*It’s gonna be my third crossword of the day.

*I’m pretty sure I broke my rib.

*Other beasts.

*I question the use of the cape.

*My whistle was still intact.

*I can’t hold it against her for being unattractive — that’s just the way she was made.

*There’s a lot of work to be done here.

*I only get one lei a month, I’m not wasting it.

*Someone’s drunk.

*I know, I’m unbelievable sometimes.

*The beast will fucking mess you up.

*I like that.

*It sounds fucked up.

*I have to drink for that one.

*Suck it, I got it before you.

*Small things, man.

*It’s raining outside?

*My poor boyfriend! Oh well…

*I feel like I’m watching National Geographic.

*If I’m gonna stay, can I have a beer?

*It’s not a diet coke, it’s carne asada.

*Beat and fuck.

*You are so pretty so…

*I love beer, that’s the thing.

*I’m so gross.

*Wait, that bothers you more than cunt?

*That drug should be legal, whatever it is.

*That is one shiny man.

*I learned some German in Korea.

*Is there a kettelkorn setting?

*Why are you guys leaving?

*Why am I so drunk?

*I just kind of want to be an Olympian.

*Let me know how that tastes in your mouth.

*It’s kind of like my broomstick.

*I was raised in a German shephard family

*I was in the middle of a guy and girl.


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