Pink furry devil monster costume

So I just got back from what is arguably the best jog I’ve ever had.  It was about 50 minutes in 40 degree weather, sunny, along the river which was full of people going to the soccer game which is going to start in about 45 minutes.  There were many fans with the red scarves (SC Freiburg, my team) and also quite a few with blue scarves (Schalke 04) walking along the river, or riding their bikes, or selling tickets, what have you.

Some awesome things I noticed:

*Tailgating in Germany before a soccer game means drinking next to your bicycle where a 6 pack of beer is in the basket for two guys.

*I high-fived a guy who was dressed the same as about 10 other dudes, all in pink furry devil monster costumes with sunglasses and drinking beer.  I was so taken with them that I put my ipod in the other hand and put my left hand up about 10 meters away so they had a couple of seconds to noticed, that was an awesome high five!  I guess fastnacht/Carnivale is coming and that’s why they were dressed that way.

*While jogging, it felt like I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in.  I used to go jogging 3-4 times a week 10 years ago when I was 25 and they were good 35 minute jogs, the same length I normally do here but the last two times I’ve jogged a bit further.  That’s partially from having gone to the gym so much lately, I seem to have more power and stamina while exercising.  So I normally jog about 55% of my maximum speed, a nice pace that can keep me going for awhile and most of the jog I had today was in the 70% range  but with 55% of the effort.  I would just decide to speed up a bit and boom, I did.  That felt good.

*I’m going to a play in Portuguese tonight, then to a friend’s going away party because she is going to Spain for half a year on a student exchange.

*Tomorrow is the mofo Super Bowl but it starts here in Germany around midnight!


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