Thanks to Howard Stern, I now know that the last pope, Jan Pawel II, used to flagellate himself with a whip or something, even when he was on vacation!  He slept on the floor.  That’s how he got closer to Christ.  I’m not ready to go that far.

A ex-pat friend shocked us on friday at the pub when he said he and his girlfriend were thinking of adopting a kid from Haiti.  Then this morning I saw in the news that a group of Americans were arrested with 33 Haitian children at the border with the Dominican Republic.  Just another reminder of what it’s like being an Expat.

So, what does my week look like? Well…

Monday: going to take my newest novel to the copy shop, then take two trains for about a half hour, getting picked up by a stranger and driven about 5 minutes to that company that makes the machines that metallize solar cells.  I’ll be there 3-5 hours and there sort of shadow a couple of people and see what they’re doing.  Then take a bus and train back to Freiburg, go to the gym, then have a couple of hours to kill before going to play some latin music with a 6-piece jazz band, my first band jam practice in 5 years.

Tuesday: working 8-1:30 at three different places all within 1 km of each other, all in the old town, then going home to take care of some business, read about cogeneration, then go to the gym around 4pm, then a private lesson until 8pm.

This all culminates in going to a play in Portuguese on Saturday night because some people from the wedding i went to last week are in the play.  They said German people go and there is an explanation of the play in German beforehand, I was like, well okay…


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