Second draft mofos!

I am happy to say that I just now finished the second draft of my newest novel, The Newropean!  It’s probably not quite ready to be sent to the printers were I get 20-30 copies printed up for friends and colleagues to give me some feedback.  I hope this summer to get perhaps 200 copies printed with an ISBN number even so I can sell them directly from my apartment.  Too bad I already have too many damn books in my apartment as it is.  But I’ll figure something out.

And part of the figuring something out has to do with reorganizing my room a bit.  I don’t know yet how it’s going to happen, it could just be minor changes but I already moved a small table under my desk in the corner to house my printer and I was able to put a small tapestry I like on it which also hides some of my photographs underneath, photos I hope to use in an exhibition in Romania in late March.

I’m going to see my friend’s band play tonight, not the greatest name in the world for a hard rock band, Bowel Function, but they’re all Germans so what can ya do?

I’m going to get ready now because I’m going to help a man wipe snow off of solar panels.  That’s how desperate I am to get my foot in the door of the Renewable Energy industry.  And then, instead of going to the gym, I’m goin to take a long, hard look at my room and figure out what to do.

I’ll keep ya updated!


One Response to Second draft mofos!

  1. Mike says:

    Don’t forget Blurb when you’re ready to print a copy. I’ll hook ya up. 🙂 I suggest making a PDF version of your book after it’s all typed out.

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