Happy New Year!

Wow, what a night!  I was at a party until 4.15am, took a tram home and stopped off my local bar for one more, bought some strangers a round (4 people), bought another beer and took it home.  The full, open beer is on my desk now.  2010 has started with a bang!

My plan for the second day of the year:

*take down and change a lot of the photos in the apartment

*clean my room, general organizing


*Do some reading of renewable energy

*edit Newropean

Even if I spend a half hour doing each one tomorrow, that will be good.  And that’s what this year is about: Do a little bit of many things everyday so I can push kick many rocks down the road.  I got big plans this year, want to publish a new novel, want to go back to school, and in general clean and lean my life a bit, whether that means fewer possessionss or fewer pounds or both but my life here has become a bit bloated and I want to go back to my roots, go hiking more often, improve my German and become a better person. I’m not sur exactly how to go about that but I think with a little effort a path will be illuminated for me.


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