Merry Xmas!

I’ve been a bit incommunicado (again), celebrating with the fam and beautiful weather though I did get to spend a few days with Franziska as she was on her way back from Hawaii back to Germany.  I had a great Xmas, got a new Sony laptop, some underwear, some Old Navy gift certificates and some knickknacks.

It’s been great hanging with family, eating some good food, I’ve probably already gained the weight I’d lost but I’ll just be starting again when I get back next week.  I fly on Tuesday back to Germany, I’m looking forward to being back but not the long flight, especially after the attempted terrorist attack on a Northwest flight to Detroit today.  In a way it’s “good” that  this happened on a quiet news time so that the DHS and other agencies can do the appropriate detective work before the media jumps all over this story without knowing the fact, like jackass extraordinaire Pete Hoekstra did.  I’m curious now what extra precautions there will be at the airport on Tuesday but as long as I get there safely, I don’t mind a little anal probing…no wait, I do but…

Merry Xmas!


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