Booked two trips today

November 1, 2009

I use the word “book” loosely but I made concrete preparations for two separate trips today:

1)I have arranged for a car-sharing service from Freiburg on Friday at 3.15am and drive to Rorschach, Switzerland, arriving around 6am.  I’ll take a train to Buchs, then a bus to Vaduz-Schaan, Lichtenstein.  I’ll hang out there a couple of hours, then take the bus back across a river i’m presuming and then a train for about 40 minutes south to Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland.  At 5pm I’ve arranged another car-share all the way back to Freiburg around 8-9pm.

Costs: 2 car-shares and two train rides: 50 euros, another 25 euros for food, what not.

2)I have bought plane tickets from Zurich to Bucharest to Iasi, Romania for March 28-April 5, 2010.  It will be my second time in Romania, the first being in May 2008.  I will be there this time to teach English for a few hours, and then have the rest of the time free to explore.  Some of the teachers there will arrange some trips for me, including a two-night stay at/near the painted monasteries in the NE corner of Romania.  I plan to be at the midnight mass and possibly even sleep at the monastery one of the nights.  I’ll also do a half day-trip to Moldava while there, and maybe even another photo exhibition but I’m not sure.  This trip is paid for (flight, accommodations) and the teaching I do for free.  I like.

I did other stuff today too but it’s probably not as exciting but it could be.