Until Thursday today

So I’ve got two chapters left to type in The Newropean, Thursday and Friday.  I have enjoyed it more or less but know there are a few things that will have to be added, cleaned, deleted, changed to make the story fresher and more poignant.

I had a phonecall today with a company about 30 minutes away from here that manufactures part for solar panels. I’ve scheduled an interview with the company  http://jrt.live.avenit.de/en/profil here if you want to check it out.

Not one student came to my 8am class which didn’t really upset me because it allowed me to make photocopies for the university on Thursday and also have a coffee and enjoy the city slowly coming to life.

I’m headed to the gym (again) in a little more than an hour, then a private lesson and then an early night in bed because tomorrow I have an 8am-8pm day (with some breaks in there for sure, but I probably won’t go home between) which always kicks my ass! 🙂

How are you?


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