French and Forward

Two stories this time, one French and one Forward.

“French” — A French couchsurfer named Mathieu spent the weekend with us and boy did he ever!  Let’s just say that it all culminated in dancing to Britney Spears at the Pink Party (wink, wink) at 3 am.  That had been preceded by live reggae music and dancing and beers, that preceded by homemade French Ratatouille with enough olive oil in it to drown an ant hill.  Friday night when he got here, we went to Walfisch and actually had the owner buy us a beer.  I couldn’t believe it, I’d been going there almost 7 years, mofo ain’t never buy me a beer before, but thanks!

“Forward” — I didn’t have to work today in the traditional sense, which is good because the weather was crappy and i got to spend the morning having coffee and getting my day in perspective and by 10.45am Mathieu and I were walking to the spot on the bridge where people hitchhike from.  That dude was at the last leg of a trip that had been going on for a few weeks and started in southern France and had gone onto Stockholm and back.  From there, I went to the gym, a whopping 45 minutes of cardio (usually do 30) and some weightlifting, came home and made lunch.  Here’s where the Forward comes in.  Throughout the day I had been in various forms of contact with people here in Freiburg and in California.  A guy who writes for publications on energy developments, which led me to a guy who is managing a project of some solar panels out by the autobahn and I even called a company in California about their recent sale of solar technology to a South African consortium.  That lady is now potentially sending my resume to the right person in South Africa who will be doing hiring/human resources for their projects throughout southern Africa.

That’s a pretty good step forward, I’d say.  Oops, I already did.


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