I will Survive in the past tense

My work week is over.  It was a tough week, even if it was only 4 days long but now things are looking good for me.  I will have Mondays off until at least the new year and it will free up a day for me to get some work done, I’ll just have to decide what work I’ll do.

A shoutout to Maya in Norway whose sister just had a second child and now Maya is an aunt two times over.

This was my highest earning week of the year.

I plan to go to a concert tomorrow night.  Shaky Hands is their name and they’re from Portland, Oregon.

I inspected the photos for my new photo exhibition in 2 weeks and they look really good.  In fact, the manager asked me to order 3 more photos to cover the hallway as well!

I wrote an important scene in The Newropean that I think will push the story towards the end now.  I’m 4/5 done with the first draft.

I’ve been writing in my journal only in German since the beginning of this month. It’s going okay but I’m going to have to use some new words to get them into my vocabulary.

I’ll be in Holland in 3 weeks and I’m looking forward to it.

And you?


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