A period

Franziska will be in Honolulu for the next six weeks.  I’m starting a new regiment on Sunday, November 1st, for better or worse.  It might not be the most interesting month of my life, no offense to anyone who has a good time with me in November, but I will be focusing on some of the behind the scenes work in life, improving my German, working out, writing, reading about renewable energy, stuff that would have trouble competing with going down to walfisch and eating a schnitzel and drinking a few beers.  Don’t get me wrong, there will still be some beer in this belllay, but for that one month, and letting it spill over into December, I will focus on these things.

30 days:

everyday writing in German in my journal

20 workouts, whether jogging, fitness studio and 30 minute workout at home

20 days of writing Newropean

20 days of concentrated reading of German or practicing grammar

14 days of work

I miss Franziska, but I’m really happy for her and am glad I got my own things going on right now, this is one of those periods where I have shit to get done too.  The pats 5 years I have had a life that challenged me enough that I could pursue various leisure activities like travelling through Central America and now I want to challenge life more for awhile. It’s just gonna take a little effort to get the ole engine started up!



One Response to A period

  1. Mooney says:

    Funny, Lauren is gone from me now too. Alone time ehhh? I like your attitude, make yourself stronger in her absense…contrary to our first impulse.

    Take care homie!

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