Some updates

For the past week my neck has not been too kind to me, it’s like I slept funny on it and it was hard to turn my neck all the way to the right and left and back. It got a bit better but I noticed it was worse today so I made an appointment.  I have been to the doctors at most 1 time a year the past years and now I have a dentist appointment on Friday and an appointment with the orthopedist on Tuesday.

I contacted a couple of energy consultant companies about getting an internship but it didn’t work out.  A friend of mine’s mom is in the forestry industry and may have connections at the Renewable Energy Management program that I want to do next Fall.  Connections are good. 🙂

I finished typing chapter 11 of The Newropean.  Franziska is the only one who has read it so far and I think she likes it, though to be fair she is in love with me and so she might be biased.

This is my first full work week in 3 months and it is kicking my ass.  There is still one loooOOoong day left too.

Oli and Fox are having a big party this weekend and I’m sure it will go on long after Franziska and I have gone to bed but that’s okay but we’ll make our appearance, have some beers, some laughs and head out when all the slutty chicks show up. hahahah

I have a new exhibition at Oma’s Kuche in a month and need to order the canvas and it’s going to be 330 euros.  That is like 500 dollars I’m going to spend to produce some art and make a nice evening out of it.  More info soon.


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