October second, life plowing ahead slowly but surely.  I’m in the process of shedding – clothes, possessions and hopefully a bit of weight.  Going jogging soon, and have been exercising almost everyday since I got back.  Then again, it’s only been six days so we’ll see.

I’ve gone through my closet and pulled out one bag’s worth of clothing and shoes.  Two pairs of shoes, a couple of pairs of pants, some shirts, socks, etc.  It felt good to throw them in the bag with a little voice in my head saying “You still want that stuff” but of course that side of my brain conveniently forgets the closet full of clothing.  I’ve got about 7 pairs of jeans, 7 pairs of cords/dress pants, 15 underwear, 20 pairs of socks, 30 dress shirts/hawaiian/cowboy shirts, about 12 t-shirts, and let’s not even get started on the winter stuff.  I”ll be going through that when I pull it out in earnest in the next week.  That said, getting rid of a bag of clothes is a drop in the bucket and that’s why it’s so easy to get rid of it.

That said, I have a tie-dye t-shirt from may 1998 that is falling apart and I can’t seem to get myself to throw it away. I want to do something with it, like cut out a pattern from it and use it because it was beautifully done, traded for some grateful dead bootlegs in central pennsylvania somewhere.

I could probably shed some books too but that’s tough, because Franziska likes to keep all her books and I’ve gotten rid of dozens over the years but it is really nice to have them all.  I want my library someday to books I’ve really read and plan to read rather than having something that looks like a trap door into another room.

On a different note, I may have some trouble with the tax authorities here and I’m looking forward to it, an audit of my finances for last year.  I’ll keep you updated but basically I know that even if I lose all the money I’ve worked so hard to save here, I still want to stay.  I want to live in Germany and be part of society.

I’ve also been doing some research on programs here in Germany, many of whom start next October.  It might even be a university program on Renewable Energy Management.  I may not have the scientific background but I think it’s something that could interest me.  I’m not looking forward to studying for this german-language exam in May but it’d be a start and help me get into the feeling of studying for hours at a time, something I haven’t done since before a blowjob rocked the political world.

I had a meeting yesterday for a new photo exhibition, at a restaurant called “Grandma’s Kitchen”.  I had an exhibition there two years ago and it went pretty well.  This time I’m planning on taking it to the next level by having these photos printed onto canvas so they look sharper.  I’ll let you know when that gets finalized.

That’s just about it for the past couple of days, going to meet some friends this evening I haven’t seen in 2 months, looking forward to letting my hair down a bit. 🙂


2 Responses to Shedding

  1. Mike says:

    Hey Jason. Check out the krav maga classes (israeli martial art) in freiburg if you’re looking for a good form of exercise (and want to become an all-around badass!)

    Also, if you want to put some of your pics into book form, let me know!

    Hope things are going well for you in Germany.


  2. Mooney says:

    What up man. Just checking up. I also just filled 3 garbage bags of cloughes to give away! Lauren and I moved out to an awesome 1 bedroom.
    More to follow…

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