Hitler Mustache

September 30, 2009

I’ll be honest.  It’s been hard getting back into work.  Especially because I haven’t worked in two months, I’ve been sleeping in the living room the past few nights and I know that there are slow forces at work leading my life into a new direction.  I might be doing different work in 3 years.  I might be still doing English teaching part-time but also involved in another career.  I’m still not right on the right time and simple things seem a bit daunting but then they work out exactly as planned more or less and so I’m getting back on my feet.

I received two new photographs of mine printed onto canvas and I”m really excited about it because I’m going to do my next photo exhibitions with the photos printed like this.  I’m especially excited that the digitized negative is enough to do it.  THAT means that my next camera will be a good digital SLR.  The might be a  purchase next year but first I want to get a new laptop when I’m home at Christmas time.  3 years will have passed since I got this toshiba beaut i got her but I fear that technology has moved rather quickly the past 3 years and I could keep this laptop at home and the other could be a more mobile laptop or vice versa.

I have yet to write any material in The Newropean since early August.  I’m feeling the official end of a period of time today and tomorrow being October 1st, the beginning of the 4th quarter in America, I’m going to consider it a day to get started with some plans again.  I have gone to the gym twice and the good weather will ensure I’ll go jogging tomorrow.  With regards to the Newropean, I’ve almost got the story under control but I have to send it in a distinct direction next and I want to make sure I know how I want to portray that before and I just had an idea. I have a basic outline how i want the story to go and so maybe i can practice and write out a scene on the list, even if it’s not the next scene, just to see how the tone in a chapter or two should sound.

And then I have a class with retired people and I have to try and explain to them why people in America would protest with signs of Obama with a Hitler mustache because he has a healthcare plan to help working Americans.


I’m BaaaaAAAaaack

September 28, 2009

It’s before 8am on a Monday. I don’t have to work today but I have tons to do. Ya see, I’ve been away for two months and have left many of my responsibilities to the winds of time. Unfortunately, they have waited for me here patiently.

I do have a private lesson tonight and a couple of classes Wednesday morning. It’s good I’m starting slowly because I’m planning on making some changes in my life.

First, I’m going to start working out again. I’ve been living the good life the past 2 months and my pants feel like it.

Second, I’m going to refocus on The Newropean, my novel which is about 2/3 done. I’m planning on getting in a rhythm and writing at least a few times a week.

Third, I’m going to start studying for a 6-month time frame to take a German Language exam. This is to add another notch to the belt because…

I’m starting to think about new career paths. I still like English teaching but it does not provide the stability needed to get married and raise a family. That is not happening in the next year but it’s part of the 5-year picture. So now I”m thinking 5 years into the future, when I’m 40 and I’d like to be involved, if even only part-time with another line of work. There are some teaching jobs I would keep because I like them and the pay is enough.

But there are little things that need to be done start putting all that in the right direction, like paying for the gym membership, buying a new pen to write, printing out a copy of the German language exam, stuff like that.

I’m not a completely new person by the way, I bought plane tix to go to Holland with Maya the first weekend of December. Rotterdam or Leiden, who knows? 🙂