What I love about living in Europe, pt. 3542

Franziska and I are meeting some friends at 6pm, a loose mix of folks, most of whom know someone else there but not everyone knowing everyone.  We are getting some half-price cocktails at Maria Cafe and then going to see some Iranian music at 7.30pm in a nice old building.  That will last less than an hour and then we are going to another different old building for some Franz Joseph Haydn at 9pm.  He’s up there with Mozart and Beethoven apparently.  After that, if we’re able to get the tickets will be some Renaissance and Middle Ages music at 10.30pm.

This is called Fest der Innenhoefe which means “Festival of Courtyards”.  Last year Dr. D and I saw the last few minutes of one concert in a small church in one of my favorite squares in Freiburg, a tiny little thing with a pricey italian place subdued on one side, a large, dark tree overhanging almost the whole thing and two groups of two benches on the other 2 of the 4 sides.  Beautiful acoustics in a centuries-old church, that much I can assure you.

Last weekend we took the train 20 minutes north to Waldkirch, a town of about 20,000 with the ruins of an 800-year old castle overlooking the charming little town, the luxuriousness of the Black Forest lazing all around the horizon.  It turned out there was a Middle Ages Festival in the town that day and we went in (it cost 5 euros) and about 50 percent of the people were dressed up in the middle ages, complete with music and horns and the most awesome tug-o-war of all time: 4 groups of 4 kids pulling at 90 degree angles of each other trying to pull some wooden thing off a table in the middle.  Good stuff.

Here comes the band!

Here comes the band!

I had some honey beer which actually wasn’t very good but still, it was part of the moment.

We’re planning on going to one of the best circus in Europe in the next few days and I’m sure a beer garden or two will sneak in there….


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