2 days in Israel are down.  It is hard to explain all I have seen because it is jumbled, mixed in with olive groves, eternal sunshine, ancient sites that are written about in the Bible with little kids kicking a half-flat soccer ball against it.  It is loud, chaotic, people on cell phones everywhere, lots of skin showing by Israelis while the Muslims and Druze are more covered as you would expect.

I am in northern Israel, about an hour south of Lebanon.  Yesterday we visited a Druze village and I had my first exposure to Israeli food, hummus, tahini, different salads, pita, lamb and rice, man oh man is it good! They also make a good lemonade in this country.

There was some folk dancing down on the beach last night and today we had a full day, visiting Nazareth and then driving through a small village next to it where Jesus performed his first miracle turning water into wine and then to the Sea of Galilee, visiting a kibbutz and a place for christians to go and be baptised in about the same spot that Jesus was baptised.  We had a great fish lunch on the eastern side of the Sea and it was fantastic.  We made it to Tsfat, the home of Jewish mysticism and then got back around 7pm tonight.

Tomorrow is Akko where I plan to take 2 rolls of film hopefully, some grottoes right next to the Lebanese border and then Tuesday off to Jerusalem!



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