Sotomayor is a racist?

I have to stop reading news sometimes because it upsets me.  In fact, the more I learn about the world, the angrier and more frustrated and hopeless I can feel.  But I also have to know what is happening.  The world is being shifted by a few major players in the world (and mostly with reference to the US) and I have to know what they’re up to.  And sometimes, my little, probably-monitored phone call to a congressman or congresswoman, might have an effect on the weighty decisions they make.

I had a long day, taught 4 classes, Franziska left this morning to go home for a couple of days, she’s there now and we’ll see each other on Friday again.  I have 4 more classes to teach tomorrow and then I am off work for more than a week.  I am drinking some Disaronno amaretto that I got for my birthday and watching the Champions League finale of Manchester United vs. Barcelona.  Much love ya’ll…

ps congrats to commenter/friend Mooney who got engaged last week.  Good for you, bro!


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