birthday week

I gotta tell you, this week has been great.  I went jogging in the humid morning still tired, then couldn’t take a shower because we aren’t getting hot water, yesterday I hung out at Franziska’s the whole day and it was fantastic, just chilling out, watching a movie, some tv, reading, relaxing, making a kick ass dinner of  lemon and garlic roasted potatoes and broccoli, yum!

Tonight there is a plan but no definitives if it is happening or not.  A band from Green Bay is playing in Swamp tonight and they play like 60s surf rock or something.  That is the plan but I’m not too sure about it.  Right now I am tired and dirty in my place, thinking of taking a nap.

Tomorrow Franziska and I are going to give hiking another chance, the weather should be cooperating.  Saturday night we are going to either cook something amazing or we are going to go out to eat.

Sunday is my 35th birthday.  The only plan is to go to outdoor restaurant in the black forest for an early dinner or something like that.  A movie might also be good this weekend, who knows?

I’m getting more and more excited about Israel.  I started doing some packing today, it will be the first time with my new backpack, which is a bit smaller and more compact than the one I have been using the past 8 years.  Can you believe that? I’ve been using the same travel backpack since my first trip to Europe in June of 2001.  The only reason I have a new backpack is because the daypack I had needed repairs but Eagle Creek said that I was eligible for a whole new bag because they didn’t make that pack anymore.  So I chose one, then returned it and ended up getting exactly what I got Franziska for Xmas and I really like it.  It’s got some different features that I will have to get used to but I’m getting excited about taking it on the road.  I could still very well use my old bag because it is in perfectly fine shape.  That bag has been to about 40 countries.  It has seen some life.


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