Roommate S

It appears we may have a new roommate.  We had two girls come over today and hang out with us for a second time to see if there was a connection.  The first girl was certainly nice enough, a medicine student from Heidelberg but I have to be honest that I had trouble understanding her, mostly because she spoke with a smile.  You know how some people just have more saliva in their mouths than other people?  The second girl, Roommate S came in.  We had had pasta with the first girl and with the second a glass of wine, hanging out and talking and letting them see the apartment again.

They were both very nice people and we can’t go wrong with our decision but the second girl just seemed a bit easier to get to know and connect with.  It’s hard to explain but some people are accessible as individuals and some aren’t.  And there are many shades in between.  I mean, just because I’m an open book in many ways doesn’t mean that others are.  That’s been one of the hardest things about growing up, is realizing that just because I am this way or that, or feel a certain way about something doesn’t mean that others will feel the same, even with things that I feel there shouldn’t be another position to hold.  You just learn to accept that some people aren’t going to be like you.  Well Roommate S was a bit more like me in the respect that you had the feeling you could get to know her as a person more easily, thus having more to talk about and more importantly, the brief encounters in an apartment between roommates can be smooth and easy.

You know what I’m talking bout.

So we’re sleeping on it tonight but for now we’ve made our decision.  I am ripping more cds to my harddrive after I have already done a couple hundred in the past month.  The last cd was Fiona Apple 12 May 2000 Osaka.  I have not listened to it twice in 6 years but it will be in my harddrive as data that I can access when I feel like it and you know what, I listened to a song and the sound is fine and I’m stoked that someday, when disposable income is not spent on cds and concerts, I will have a plethora of things to listen to to keep me entertained.


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