I came upon, a website for buying a downloable copy of audiobooks, something I have been marginally into for the past 5 years but it’s been picking up speed in the past two years.

I gave my credit card number.  I have two weeks to cancel for free.  In exchange for signing up, I get to download one free audiobook.  I almost got a Richard Zacks book called The Pirate Coast that is amazing but I decided I wanted something new so I chose: For Liberty and Glory, a book about Washington and Lafayette and their lives during the Revolutionary War.  It’s like twenty hours long and I could have it for free.

If I decide to not cancel in the next two weeks, my credit card will be charged $14.95.  For those 15 dollars (which will be charged monthly), I am given an audiobook credit.  Surprise surprise, an audiobook credit is basically always worth one audiobook.  First off, that’s a good price for an audiobook but also the ones for sale seem to be cheaper than others.  I might just get one more audiobook for the 14.95 but we’ll see.

I just spent the last 90 minutes (before Audible) organizing a bunch of work papers, saving some time later in the semester putting order to life.  It’s amazing if you organize before things get under way, you have a much better chance of having an influence on the direction things go.

I also cleaned the bathroom, took me a half-hour.  I tried to think of Franziska telling me that cleaning is therapeutic.  I didn’t agree with her last night and I still don’t but I at least see her point of view.  Still though, it was defintely my turn and I did it.  I also had a small workout, did some lesson plans and now, finally, at 3:49pm, in the hammock and about to listen to Robin’s news on the Howard Stern show.


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