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This is an article about the Pakistani military attacking insurgents outside Swat Valley, their recent, government-backed peace plan where the government would institute Islamic law in exchange for peace.  With the reports this week that the insurgents were making their presence know in the neighboring districts of Buner and others, many were wondering what the government was going to do about it.  Now we see that they are trying to maintain the peace agreed to with the insurgents and to not accept their insolence to dare step on the agreement just months after it went into effect.

I think this is a good thing.  Many of the insurgents I think want to establish a place for them to live and have their crazy, Sharia law then fine.  Since the (War on Terror) thing began after September 11, 2001, this Swat Valley Accord was one of the first instances of a kind of settlement with the “terrorists”.  We cannot allow them to flout one of their first peace treaties just 100 km from a nuclear arsenal.  These people are going to have be shown that now that they’ve actually sat at a table and come to an agreement like civlized people, they cannot just go on with their silly little plans of destroying the world as we know it because of God.


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