Like normal people

The last two mornings I have gotten up at 7am to go to work like normal people.  I decided I don’t like it too much.  I liked waking up at 8:30am in San Francisco  or Obidos, Portugal or well, it can be here of course but tomorrow I get to sleep in until 8:30am and I’m already super stoked about it, 9 hours before I even go to bed tonight!

Oh yeah, some more stories from the retired people who were alive during WWII.  One of the women as a 7-year old having to run in an air-raid shelter with hundreds of other people in Stuttgart and when she came back up on the street after the bombing, the whole street was on fire.  There was only rubble left by the time they made it back to the building where they lived and they could find one white plate in tact.  It used to have a gold trim on the rim but it was just burnt black.  The other woman lived in a village so there was no air-raid shelter and so she and her parents had to run out into a field and lie down and hope for the best.  She said she can remember seeing the bombs falling on a city some kilometers away and the bombs looked like cherries on fire as they fell.  They both received care packages from America after the war.  The first woman got a pink dress with a brown print and she wore it everyday for a couple of years until she grew out of it.  Both care packages had powdered milk and powdered egg in it and one of them had cacao and a little chocolate.

The first woman said that her mother owned a hair salon and at night Jewish women would come in to have their hair cut and that even AFTER the war, Jews had to hide in barns and go from barn to barn each night and how their neighbor hid Jews.  The parents didn’t think the kids knew but they did.

I told them to write down some more thoughts about their memories because they were fascinating.

Happy Earth Day, by the way…


One Response to Like normal people

  1. Mike says:

    Awesome stories, post more if you get them!

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