I’ll get to that

I couldn’t think of a subject line for line so I”ll just get on with it.  After a couple of weeks as a “Strohwitwe” which translates to  “electricity widow” but means being a bachelor because the old ball and chain wasn’t around finally came to an end last night.  The last time that Franziska and I had seen each other was March 29th in San Francisco.  We’re quite the jet-setting couple no doubt.  We’re off to Israel next month.  Anyway, just in keeping with how it’s been the last couple of weeks, she got up at 8 in the morning and like a dream whisped herself from my room and I won’t see her again until tomorrow night most likely! Her parents are here with her and they are having some quality family time, something I can definitely understand seeing as that I live 6,000 miles from home.

I ended up waking up with her and was actually jogging by 9:30 this morning.  The weather is not nearly as good as it has been the past 2 weeks but it was plenty good enough to go jogging.  This is going to be crucial for me to get back into the habit of exercising.  Ok, when it’s raining I won’t go jogging but the weather is more or less always going to be warm enough now and also, I have some weights here and know enough to do a workout if necessary but I am also signed up at good ole’ Fitness Studio California again, at least for this month and next month before Israel.

After jogging, I enjoyed a smoothie with banana, frozen mango, papaya and berries, milk and apple juice.  I’m still in the process of putting as many of my cds onto my hard drive and external hard drive.  I’ve been doing this for about a week now and have put on about a hundred new cds.  It’s great because I’m putting myself in a position where I don’t really need to buy any cds for awhile.  I’m sure there may be the occasional impulse or need (new Black Crowes, Ryan Adams, et al.) but let me give you an example.  Right now, I’m putting on a live Pearl Jam show from 1998 that I actually attended in July 1998 at the Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles.  The next cd up is Louis Armstrong.  This is time consuming and my laptop hasn’t enjoyed the prostitue-like abuse the cd drive has taken but getting all this on the two hard drives means that when I move someday, I won’t really have to deal with most of them.  I’ll probably have a little street sale and sell them for 2 euros or something.

I also attacked a large pile of work papers I had to deal with.  I threw some out, filed some, coallated some to photocopy next week for the beginning of the semester.  It’s now an orderly in-tray for work.

I’m going to make some lunch soon and then do some typing this afternoon.  Writing has been going pretty well lately and I just wrote a crucial scene two days ago where the protagonist first goes to the Immigration Office to learn that he has to invest a million euros and employ ten people in order to stay…boy, that sounds familiar!


3 Responses to I’ll get to that

  1. Jeremy says:

    FYI: I assume you were actually a Strohwitwer and not a Strohwitwe. Also, “Stroh” is not “Strom”. 🙂 The English term is “grasswidow(er)”.

    • jasonconga says:

      thanks for the corrections, I’d never actually seen the word written before, just heard people say it to each other. But I’ve never heard the term grasswidower before and I spent the better part of my first 28 years in California. 🙂

  2. Howard says:

    What is home? Is it where you grew up or where you hang your hat? When doing my tax filings this year, my accountant asked about foreign accounts and I answered, I have no accounts in the states. His comment was, you have been living in Israel too long, when you refer to foreign account reporting to the US IRA as accouts in the states and not in a non-US country.

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