Productive, as far as that goes

I left the house by 8:45 this morning and missed my tram and had to wait 7 minutes.  I couldn’t buy the boxes I wanted to buy.  The lady said they didn’t have me anymore and sent me to the other store they had a 5-minute walk away.  I got there and they didn’t have them.  Later today, when I went back into the first store to buy a peppermill, I happened to see the very boxes I wanted in the middle of the store.  It’s silly that I didn’t see them but for that chick not to know that they were in her small store is pathetic.  There were way too many people at 3 different haircut stores, like 5 people waiting at each one and so I said, F-it.

I went to the cheap supermarket and got all kinds of goodies, including a bunch of “Be Light” food which they don’t seem to have too much of at the supermarket next to me.  I got low-fat sausage, salami, cheese, ravioli, yoghurt.  I bought red grapes.  My fruit variety has not been too good the past years, mostly apples and bananas, sometimes oranges or a kiwi.  But I want to start eating more fruits and vegetables and so I was stoked to see some Dole red grapes for a good price.

I went for a jog, not to my normal route along the river but this time to the gym because I thought I had left my mp3 player there but I didn’t so I had the whole jog back without music too.  I almost always take music with me when I jog.  This particular jog was 30 minutes but normally I do 35-37.  I have now done some exercised 4 of the past 6 days.  I’d like to keep that going.

I found my mp3 player, somehow in a nook of a corner in my new work bag (I told you it was too big! haha) that I had already searched twice.  Earlier I returned a phone to the electronics store.  I’d bought it on Friday thinking that I wanted a new cell phone but then decided that mycurrent phone deserved to live its life.  This is something I have learned living in Germany.  I don’t necessarily buy a new version of something until the old one breaks.  That’s somethign I used to do without thinking about it but I haven’t bought a vaccuum, toaster, blender, dvd, or tv in years.

I cleaned out my closet, the lower part that had piles of clothes for different seasons.  I put them in the new boxes I bought and my winter jackets and and beanies and gloves and scarves (I found a lost scarf when cleaning the living room, it was a Xmas gift a couple of years ago, so stoked to have it back.  I also typed a few pages of Chapter 3 The Newropean.  I’ve got the first 50 pages of my new novel finished.  I’m stoked on that.

Dinner will be a salad with iceberg lettuce,  red pepper, pickles, green beans, and tuna fish with some steamed carrots on the side and a baguette.  But now it’s time for some grapes!  And it’s not even 3:50pm.  And right now the news is starting on Howard Stern, live.  I love it.


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