Do you have a permanent residence permit in Germany?

April 28, 2009

I asked a lawyer from Duesseldorf who assisted me in my work permit problems two years ago.  I asked him if I, with a permanent residence permit, could live and work in another EU country.  Here’s his answer…


A long-term resident may exercise the right of residence, for a period exceeding three months, in a Member State other than the one which granted him the status, subject to compliance with certain conditions laid down in this proposal, including:

– exercise of an economic activity in an employed or self-employed capacity; or – pursuit of studies or vocational training; or  other purposes.

However, a Member State may limit the number of residence permits if, at the time of the adoption of this Directive, limitations for the admission of Non-EU Member Country nationals are already set out in existing national law. At the same time, for reasons of labour market policy, Member States may give preference to Union citizens.

The above conditions do not concern employees posted for the purpose of cross-border provision of services or providers of cross-border services. When the application for a residence permit is lodged, the competent authorities in the second Member State may require the presentation of certain documents (such as the long-term residence permit, an identity document, an employment contract, documentation with regard to appropriate accommodation, etc.) and evidence of stable and regular resources and medical insurance.

The family members of the long-term resident may accompany him to the second Member State or join him there on condition that they already formed a family in the first Member State. If this is not the case, Directive 2003/86/EC on the right to family reunification applies. The second Member State may refuse applications for residence only where there is an actual threat to public policy, public security or public health.

In the case of public health, the Directive allows Member States to require a medical examination in order to certify that the persons in question do not suffer from any diseases that are the subject of protective provisions in the host country. It also provides for a series of procedural guarantees such as the statutory period for examining applications for residence permits, the arrangements for notifying interested parties, redress procedures and the conditions governing expulsion.

As soon as they enter the second Member State, long-term residents enjoy all the benefits which they enjoyed in the first Member State under the same conditions as nationals. Long-term residents living in the second Member State will retain their status in the first Member State until they have acquired the same status in the second Member State.

If they so wish, they may, after being legally resident in the second Member State for five years, apply to be considered as long-term residents in that Member State. As a general rule, the first Member State is obliged to readmit, together with their family members, long-term residents whose residence permits have been withdrawn by the second Member State.

Denmark, Ireland and the UK have reserved the right to deviate from these rules.


I have no plans to work and live abroad (if away from Germany means abroad in this case) but it was a topic discussed a couple of days ago.

This could be a big weekend.  Maya is coming into town, it’s a holiday friday, there is live reggae on thursday, a long weekend ahead of us. I’ll getcha an update when one warrants it.


April 27, 2009

I came upon, a website for buying a downloable copy of audiobooks, something I have been marginally into for the past 5 years but it’s been picking up speed in the past two years.

I gave my credit card number.  I have two weeks to cancel for free.  In exchange for signing up, I get to download one free audiobook.  I almost got a Richard Zacks book called The Pirate Coast that is amazing but I decided I wanted something new so I chose: For Liberty and Glory, a book about Washington and Lafayette and their lives during the Revolutionary War.  It’s like twenty hours long and I could have it for free.

If I decide to not cancel in the next two weeks, my credit card will be charged $14.95.  For those 15 dollars (which will be charged monthly), I am given an audiobook credit.  Surprise surprise, an audiobook credit is basically always worth one audiobook.  First off, that’s a good price for an audiobook but also the ones for sale seem to be cheaper than others.  I might just get one more audiobook for the 14.95 but we’ll see.

I just spent the last 90 minutes (before Audible) organizing a bunch of work papers, saving some time later in the semester putting order to life.  It’s amazing if you organize before things get under way, you have a much better chance of having an influence on the direction things go.

I also cleaned the bathroom, took me a half-hour.  I tried to think of Franziska telling me that cleaning is therapeutic.  I didn’t agree with her last night and I still don’t but I at least see her point of view.  Still though, it was defintely my turn and I did it.  I also had a small workout, did some lesson plans and now, finally, at 3:49pm, in the hammock and about to listen to Robin’s news on the Howard Stern show.

Current News

April 26, 2009

This is an article about the Pakistani military attacking insurgents outside Swat Valley, their recent, government-backed peace plan where the government would institute Islamic law in exchange for peace.  With the reports this week that the insurgents were making their presence know in the neighboring districts of Buner and others, many were wondering what the government was going to do about it.  Now we see that they are trying to maintain the peace agreed to with the insurgents and to not accept their insolence to dare step on the agreement just months after it went into effect.

I think this is a good thing.  Many of the insurgents I think want to establish a place for them to live and have their crazy, Sharia law then fine.  Since the (War on Terror) thing began after September 11, 2001, this Swat Valley Accord was one of the first instances of a kind of settlement with the “terrorists”.  We cannot allow them to flout one of their first peace treaties just 100 km from a nuclear arsenal.  These people are going to have be shown that now that they’ve actually sat at a table and come to an agreement like civlized people, they cannot just go on with their silly little plans of destroying the world as we know it because of God.

Weirdoschenko lives!

April 25, 2009
How many bowls and plate can you find?

How many bowls and plate can you find?



A song about torture

April 23, 2009

found at andrew sullivan’s website.  The guy is singing words from the Jay Bybee memo from 2005.

Like normal people

April 22, 2009

The last two mornings I have gotten up at 7am to go to work like normal people.  I decided I don’t like it too much.  I liked waking up at 8:30am in San Francisco  or Obidos, Portugal or well, it can be here of course but tomorrow I get to sleep in until 8:30am and I’m already super stoked about it, 9 hours before I even go to bed tonight!

Oh yeah, some more stories from the retired people who were alive during WWII.  One of the women as a 7-year old having to run in an air-raid shelter with hundreds of other people in Stuttgart and when she came back up on the street after the bombing, the whole street was on fire.  There was only rubble left by the time they made it back to the building where they lived and they could find one white plate in tact.  It used to have a gold trim on the rim but it was just burnt black.  The other woman lived in a village so there was no air-raid shelter and so she and her parents had to run out into a field and lie down and hope for the best.  She said she can remember seeing the bombs falling on a city some kilometers away and the bombs looked like cherries on fire as they fell.  They both received care packages from America after the war.  The first woman got a pink dress with a brown print and she wore it everyday for a couple of years until she grew out of it.  Both care packages had powdered milk and powdered egg in it and one of them had cacao and a little chocolate.

The first woman said that her mother owned a hair salon and at night Jewish women would come in to have their hair cut and that even AFTER the war, Jews had to hide in barns and go from barn to barn each night and how their neighbor hid Jews.  The parents didn’t think the kids knew but they did.

I told them to write down some more thoughts about their memories because they were fascinating.

Happy Earth Day, by the way…

Sunday Sound

April 19, 2009
The sign says you can cut your own flowers

The sign says you can cut your own flowers

One of my favorite songs by Chris Robinson, Sunday Sound, and today on our way up into the Black Forest, this was our view, all the while a professional soccer game was happening on the other side of the river.  And just as we started sweating, we got there, had a salad with spicy beef strips and some schnitzel.  A great afternoon.