Today was fantastic.  I was awake at 6am, watched TV for 2 hours, showered and then drove down the hill with Carole and had some coffee and chilled out at her store until my friend Owen could pick me up.  I met him in Amsterdam in June 2006 and he also lived in Freiburg for awhile too but he’s from Berkely. He took me to a small memorial on a hill where there was a big fire in 1991, it had a great view of the Bay.  Then we drove around Berkeley and by the Claremont Spa and Resort. We parked the car and walked around for awhile, even getting to a bench built into a tree overlooking the Cal Berkeley football stadium and San Fran and the Golden Gate Bridge in one sweeping view.  Then we walked down to Telegraph, got some Mexican food in a place celebrating its 50th year in business, I visited two thrift stores and bought a cowboy shirt in each one and then took the bus down to Rockridge where Carole picked me up and brought me home where I am drinking my second Pyramid Apricot Ale and relaxing.


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